The garden gnome has often shared a place in history with fairies as they share a lot of things such as being associated with gardens and nature as well as people seeing them as magical creatures with a mysterious or possibly even an unknown past.

With the increase in the variety of designs that are available these days, some people have naturally gravitated towards making some that have been inspired by fairies. These are very attractive figures that will add a lot to your as they make their environment feel more magical, give it a warmer atmosphere and increase the variety of designs in your yard.

These go very well with other items that you can place in your garden such as houses which work great around tree and and plants. They are a fabulous way to

What Colors are They Available in?

As there are a number of people making and selling these, there are a good amount of options available when it come s to the colour. Most of the most stick with the traditional fairy colors which keeps their appearance on theme whilst still being gnome based products so this means that they are usually painted with light colors such as white, light blue, light grey, hints of yellow and similar.

What Sizes Can I Get Them in?

Most of the ornaments that are of this style are of great smaller size. I guess that it would look a bit strange if you had a huge fairy gnome in your yard! The small ones that you can get are around the 10 inch mark but you’ve can buy some which are smaller than that which be may be more suitable if you are planning on keeping your one inside.

How Much do They Cost?

You can generally some of the smaller versions of these from the $10 mark with some of the higher quality or rare ones asking for $50 payment. You may come across some very rare ones which can fetch hundreds of dollars!

Who Are These Suitable for?

These are great for people that already have garden ornaments which are based around magical themes or who have trees and bushes in their garden as the design of these gnomes will fit well in them. Fairies are traditionally thought to be found at the bottom of gardens so if you have to these things at this part of your backyard then they will work very well.







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