Are Gnomes still Popular for Christmas 2021?

Yes, gnomes are certainly still popular for 2022! This is especially true of Christmas Gonks which are from Scandinavia and what people see as the true Christmas gnomes. People love using gnomes as indoor ornaments around Christmas time as they share a lot of similarities to Santa Claus, such as a big red belly, similar color clothes, big, black boots and long beards and so they are a great addition to the various Christmas decorations that people have both inside and outside their house.

A particularly popular trend this year are light up gnomes. These gnomes contain lights inside, often around the eye area, and are a great way of adding some lighting to your displays. Lights are added to many different types of gnomes such as Nordic ones and others with the classic red hats, green jackets and black boots.

Why are They so Popular at Christmas?

This will be due to a number of factors; possible the main one being that they look very similar to Santa Claus which makes them perfectly placed to be given a Santa-style look. This means giving them a red outfit and the same kind of boots that they big man has every year too. They also have the beard and big belly, of course, which all adds up to them almost looking the same!

Why do People Decorate with them?

They are seen as being lucky and able to protect things with their magical powers so people feel safer having them around. This, combined with the fact that they are so versatile and look great in a variety of settings and made in lots of ways, ornaments and plush toys, means that people naturally love to decorate with them.

What is a Christmas GONK?

These are small figures with long beards and knitted hats and many think of them as being the Nordic version of Santa Claus/Father Christmas. Many people say that they are inspired by garden gnomes, particularly those described in Scandanavian folklore and over time they have become more popular amongst the mainstream and this popularity is continuing to increase especially with people more easily able to buy them via the internet.

It is believed that they were first found in tales in the 1600s with many thinking that they originate from the 13th century. Many people associate them with Christmas gnomes even though they are different with their faces being entirely covered by their hat and beard. Their nose is the most distinctive part of their face and they are believed to be responsible for protecting their owner’s home during winter and Christmas.

What is the Christmas color for 2022?

The theme in 2022 for Christmas is plenty of bright lights that bring happiness with modern colors such as blue and magenta which will stand out and add a lot of variety to your displays. People love trees and lights and for this reason LED twig trees with these colors are also popular as is also having multiple trees throughout your home as people find them extremely comforting.







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