The popularity of Christmas Gnomes has really spiked over the past few years. With their hats, long white beards, jackets and boots, it could be easy to mistake a garden gnome for Santa to it makes sense that there would be an array of exciting Christmas-themed gnomes that you can buy to place either in your yard or inside your home.

As there are so many great statues that you can buy which are based around this theme, it can be hard to know which one to choose especially if you have a limited budget and can only buy one or two. For that reason, we have produced this wonderful guide to the best Christmas yard gnomes that you can buy:

Santa Plush Gnomes

These couple of gnomes wear red cotton hats and dresses. Mr Gnome, a white faux beard with Mrs. Gnome’s with a long braid that looks very cute indeed! They’re here to add some fun into your home at any time of year- seasonally appropriate sure but they’ll be happy doing their thing all day if you let them.

Put these guys on display next door or alongside each other near an entryway where friends can spot them quickly upon arrival

V-Opitos Christmas Light Up Gnome Decorations

An amazing ornament which will not only look great and add to the Christmas ambience of your home but will also make it brighter! This means that you can turn off the main lights inside and still have a warm glow in the room.

Indoor Knomes 3 Pack

Handmade Swedish Tomte Gnomes

Swedish Tomte Plush Christmas Gnomes

Swedish Nisse Plush Doll

Three Statue Pack

These three statues arrive in the same pack and would look great either outside or in your home. The detail on these three statues is impressive and they have been hand painted to give them that extra level of quality.

The package dimensions are 9 x 6.8 x 4.6 inches and the package weighs 3.2 pounds.

Christmas Tree Ornament

This is different from other Christmas-themed gnomes that I’ve seen as it is something that you can place on your tree! This is made by a company called Old World Christmas and they have attempted to give it the feel of a figure that was made in the 1800s and I think that they pull this off well.

They say in the description that this is molten glass that is mouth-blown into a finely carved mold and reminds me of ornaments that we used to place on our tree when I was a kid. It will add a lot to your tree and for those of you that want to see gnomes everywhere around your house, it will be a perfect fit.

Angry Christmas

We have written about the angry gnomes that you can buy for all year round but you can also buy some Christmas-themed versions of these! Like many of the all year round ones, this one is also holding a sign that says “Go Away!” to indicate his true feelings and leave you in no doubt what kind of mood he is in.

Kid’s Costume

If your kids love gnomes and want to show their feelings at Christmas there is also this amazing Christmas-based gnome costume that they can wear at this special time of year. This very cute outfit comes with the traditional red pointy hat, a light blue jacket and brown trousers which will make any child that wears it look adorable and help get everyone into the festive spirit.

Different Colors You Can Buy

There are some popular colors that you can buy these in which should match other decorations and colors that you may be using around your home and yard.


This is one of the most popular colors that you can get these in and this is a very classy color which is stylish but also subtle and so won’t necessarily dominate your other decorations and furniture. A great feature of this color is that it also compliments various other colors used at this time of the year such as red and green.


This is the other main color that is used with Christmas gnomes and will stand out more than the grey previous mentioned. Red is also the most common color used with a gnome’s hat (find out the fascinating reasons why this is here!) but also looks great when used with their jacket and/or trousers.


Whilst these are not strictly Christmas gnomes, there are figures that you can get which light up and will increase the warm feeling that you have during this festive period. Lights are a big part of Christmas and an ornament(s) which light up either in your house or outside in your yard will make everyone just that little bit more cheery.

Solar Garden Light Ornament

This is a lovely ornament which uses solar power to light up and would look amazing wherever you put it. It is made of polyresin so will be OK outside in the harsh conditions and the size of it is 4 x 7 inches in size. This man is wearing a green hat, light jacket and green trousers which look great together and he is also holding a light in his right hand. The light looks like a sort of glass ball and, in the pictures being shown, looks like it has a good amount of light which will certainly allow you to see it in the dark in your yard. The detail on this looks excellent and he has a very friendly expression on his face which will make everyone feel welcome.

Why Should You Buy These?

Christmas is a great time of year and for those that adore gnomes, like we do, it is a chance to incorporate them into this festive time of year. They share a lot of things with Christmas, such as being associated with magic as well as male gnomes looking a little like Santa, and so this will add a little extra cheer to your festive experience.

When it comes to this time of year, it is hard to find decorations that are different to the usual ones such as tinsel, Santa statues and ornaments for your tree. However, these will certainly stand out and are a great idea for Christmas statues that can be placed in your yard which will look amazing surrounded by complimentary items.

Are Gnomes Associated With Christmas?

In Scandinavian folklore, there is a creature called a Nisse which is associated with the Winter Solstice as well as Christmas. These creatures are very similar to gnomes in that they often do not want to be seen, are known to live out in the woods, are three feet tall and wear big, pointy hats.

Nisse are also associated with the Yule Goat which is also seen around Christmas time and are said to be seen on Christmas Eve travelling around handing out presents to people. In this sense, Nisse are also similar to Santa.

These creatures are often featured in a range of Christmas related items such as calendars and cards with people in this part of the world seeing them in various similar places to how people in other parts would see Santa.

What are Christmas gnomes called?

In a number of northern European countriesChristmas gnomes are called Nisse.

What do gnomes symbolize for Christmas?

Gnomes symbolize and help to protect their owner’s land and home during the Christmas season.

What is a GONK gnome?

Whilst Gonks look like gnomes, the main difference is that they originate from Scandinavian folklore, are essentially their version of Santa Claus, and you do not see their eyes.

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