Gnomes are generally known for being mild mannered and kind creatures but you may be surprised to hear that there are also some bad ones out there! I’m not sure why some of these have turned into the gnomes that they are now but something has definitely gone wrong in their lives.


Did you know that there are actually some gnomes out there which are zombie gnomes?! Yep, that’s right, not even they can avoid the zombie virus and you can buy ornaments to place in your garden which are based around this famous phenomenon. We have a dedicated zombie gnome post but here are a few bad ones to check out:

Walking Dead Inspired

This guy has been inspired by the famous TV show, The Walking Dead, and certainly has a scary look about him! With the classic red hat, green eyes and red blood stains around his beard, you definitely do not want to go near him. This ornament would look great in the yard of any zombie movie fan.

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Status Sculpture

This guy looks like he is after you! I love the level of detail on this product with the little marks around the green eyes, the attention to detail in the beard, the marks indicating that the hat is breaking and the nice touch of blood on his hands.

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Not all of them are happy and go-lucky, some of the are unsociable and want to keep people away from their homes and gardens.

I mean, look at this guy, he is definitely a bad gnome in the sense that he does not want others around and is not shy about making his feelings known!

This is a fun ornament and I love the various features on show here such him giving everyone the finger, the well designed “Go Away!” sign and the little squirrel on the ground keeping watch!

You can check out this wonderfully bad garden gnome here.

This guy is not the only one that wants to tell people to go away as we have another one here:

This has more of a comedy feel about it with the unusual eyes, the rosy cheeks and again he is sticking his finger up. The “Go Away!” sign in this one is a bit smaller than the previous and he has the classic look of red hat, green jacket, blue trousers and black boots.

If you would like to see him in your yard, check out the listing on Amazon here!

Grumpy Zen

As well as being bad when standing next to a sign, they can also be naughty when meditating as we see here!

This guy is getting his zen on whilst telling everyone where to go and I love it. I’m not sure how the creators would have come up with this concept but I LOVE it! The design and production of the item looks good, I like the fabric look of the red hat as well as the cute little butterfly attached to his white beard. Lots of people will like coming across this in your garden and it will add a lot of fun to it.

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