Most people consider the average gnome that you will place in your yard to be around the nine inch mark as this is the most common one that you will see however there are many of them which are smaller than this and so will fit in the little nooks in your garden. They are also suitable for placing on things such as shelves and on tables indoors. These mini gnomes are more similar to the average indoor ornament which opens up a lot more opportunity for showing them off!

With gnome at this size people have been getting very creative

What colors can i buy them in?

These are available in a range of colors with the most common being the colors that gnomes seem to Ben most dressed in which is the classic red hat, green jacket, brown trousers and black shoes.

However, you can also get them in other colors as many people have created somebody which are based around specific themes such as zombies and based around sports teams so you can get them with a more traditional look. For example, the sports ones will be dressed in that sport team’s kit which means that they can be in a wide range of colors.

People are also just making them in different colors just because they can and want to put a spin on the traditional look of these beloved yard ornaments. Gnomes are getting a modern look in a variety of ways!

How much do they cost?

As they are small items it is possible to get these at a cheap cost especially if they are not rare items. A lot of these mini gnomes are novelty items for people to purchase on a whim without thinking about the price too much so they are priced accordingly. You can expect to pay between $10 and $40 for one of these.

Where can I place them?

As they are so small compared to the average sized gnome there is a great deal of flexibility in where you can place them. For example, you can easily place them (or a number of them) on a desk where you will get to see them a lot or in a family room or kitchen. As they are so small, they will not dominate a room and you can place other items around them to compliment them.

They also work great in a yard or garden where the environment is more naturally suited to their appearance which is where most people would say they at every most at home.

Accessories that go well with these

As they are rather small items, these garden ornaments work well with other items that they can be in places in to maximise their presence and the gnomes can compliment the other item too.

Plant Pots

These mini gnomes work well in plant pots as they fit nicely without dominating the pot like other, larger items may do. They add colour, character and variety to the pot as without them plant pots can sometimes look a bit dull and boring depending on where they are placed and the plant that is in them.


You may not be aware but you can buy housing that is designed to be used with mini garden gnomes. The design of these is extremely creative with different themes being used such a small Boots and items inspired by movies.

Juvale Happy Figurines (Set of 6)

These are four inches tall and designed to be included as part of a fairy garden. There are six attractive figures here each in different outfits and they are made of resin which means that they can be used both inside and outside in the garden. It does say on the page that if using these outside that they should be placed outside as the sun and heat may damage them over the longer term.






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