No, gnomes actually bring good luck! The popular belief that a gnome brings good luck to its owner and the garden in which they live has led many people over time to purchase these ornaments. Some of their most likely reasons being because it’s believed there is magic behind them, how they look aesthetically pleasingly enough for all your yards needs (or at least one), plus no two are alike! You can read our full article on gnomes being good luck charms here.

People often associate gnomes with magical abilities. This is because the little creatures can manipulate nature to help them in their daily lives, and protect Earth from damage by making quick excursions across land or sensing humans nearby without ever moving too far away from home base! It’s also thought that if you don’t see one move then they must have these special skills for avoiding people all together.

When I searched around for other opinions on this, on a World of Warcraft (WoW), someone said “Some sailors think they bring good luck. Some think they bring bad luck.”.

Someone people think that it is bad luck to break a gnome but I have not seen any evidence of this.

Is it Bad Luck to Throw Away a Gnome?

No, but please pass your gnome onto someone else that will take care of them.

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