Elton John is one of the most famous and successful musicians of all time and so it’s natural that people would be interested in placing gnome versions of him in their yards and gardens. Unfortunately, from my research there do not appear to be a large number of options when it comes to Elton John garden gnomes so I have also included some alternatives in this article below.

Elton John was in Sherlock Gnomes

The best version of an Elton John gnome was in the movie “Sherlock Gnomes” in which Elton John wrote the music and was credited as an executive producer. The closest thing that I can find to Elton John garden gnomes that you can buy is a replica of this is on Amazon.co.uk here but, at the time of writing, it says that it is unavailable.

Sherlock Gnomes Elton John Gnome

Elton John Pop! Funko Figure

An alternative to a gnome of Elton John would be a POP! Funko figure of him. You can buy this limited edition glitter version here or this or this one in which he is wearing a white suit and has a walking stick. They seem to be quite rare but amazing items for big Elton John fans.

Elton John Glitter Edition
Elton John POP Funko Figure

Who is Elton John?

He became a huge pop star in the 1970s with his unique brand of great lyrics and music which included his signature use of the piano. This success continued with an array of different albums in the 80s and 90s in which he became friends with Princess Diana. When Princess Diana passed away in the 90s he rewrote the lyrics to one of his most famous songs, Candle in the Wind, to be based around her and released this version which was hugely popular. He continued to make new albums and has collaborated with some of the world’s most famous artists since and still performs live.

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