Garden gnomes are normally depicted as male characters, but there is now an abundance of attractive female garden figurines for sale. Some can be demure and homely while others come off as more rude or inappropriate in their appearance to match the personality they exude! My round up includes some great options that would work well with your landscaping design aesthetic – so have a look at these lovely ornaments if you’re looking around online today.

Do female gnomes exist?

Like everything else on the internet, the gender of a gnome seems to be a massive controversy within the very passionate gnome community. While many claim that female gnomes are biologically impossible, many others argue that they do in fact exist. Some believe that gnomes are the antithesis of fairies, while others believe that female gnomes bring prosperity and protect hidden gems within the Earth’s grounds. So, do female gnomes exist? Depends on who you ask. 

A few years ago, the German company Griebel faced huge backlash after producing female gnomes. The International Association for the Protection of the Garden Gnome sent an email to the company to express a grave concern for the industrial production of female gnomes. ‘Biologically’ speaking it is impossible to have a female counterpart for gnomes. The company was accused of breaking the international gnome convention, which overlooks the production and sales of garden gnomes

What does a gnome symbolize?

Their stories go as far back as the Ancient Romans, and they were constantly changed through centuries of folklore and inspiration from Scandinavian tales. In many cultures gnomes are regarded as a symbol of good luck, where they provide protection, plant prosperity and good luck. Garden gnomes are mainly used for decorative pieces in people’s homes to add a bit of a comical effect to a garden. They became widely popular as home ornaments by the beginning of the 18th century, but were only accessible to those who could afford them.

These small humanoid creatures are considered to be very humble, wholesome, and caring creatures, and for many years they have been considered by mystics to be Earth elementals. A term first used by a Swiss alchemist Paracelsus, ‘Earth elementals’ are entities that are half human and half spirit. An elemental can travel through objects like ghosts but can still be affected by diseases and hunger. These creatures live quietly beneath the Earth’s surface or in forests. They are very peaceful and avoid humans to not disrupt their lives. They co-live with humans and other creatures on the surface of the Earth. 

Female Gnomes in Video Games

Gnomes are a very common pop culture reference as they appear a lot in movies/TV shows, books, and video games. In many shows where gnomes are featured, such as the Disney Channel’s “Gravity Falls”, gnomes are a single-sex creature and there is no regard or mention of a female-equivalent for this species.

In many games such as Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft, female gnomes are common characters in the game. In DnD, both female and male gnomes don’t differ too much from each other and their gender is more of a characteristic. Gnomes in this game are one of the core players and they are really intelligent creatures that are always up for an adventure. 

In WoW, some female gnomes can turn their flesh into steel or stone and female gnomes can also be found as warriors in the game setting. In this game they are very tech-savvy individuals that can build machines and vehicles and are very useful to their community. 

What is a female gnome called?

While many deny their whole existence, female gnomes are often referred to as “gnomides” or “gnomess”. The first industrial produced female gnome sparked quite the controversy for Griebel, but a quick engine search will only prove how popular female gnomes are. They can be easily found in many different online or specialty stores and are generally well loved. The internet is full of surprises and there are gnomes to cater to every taste; whether you want a gothic gnome, valentine gnome or even a Marilyn Mon-gnome, the world wide web will not disappoint you. 

Below are a few female gnomes to check out: 

Lanceasy Gnome

Gnomes are loved by people from all over the world but who knew a gnome holding a maraca would be so adorable? The colorful poncho and the symbolic sombrero will surely lighten up anyone’s face. The male counterpart is holding a guitar and together with the female gnome, they look like they are about to go to a carnival. If you take these out while you are hosting ‘Taco Tuesday’ you will definitely make a lasting impression on your guests! Check it out on Amazon here.

Mothcattl Gnome

Don’t know what to get your loved ones for Christmas? A simple Christmas garden gnome is something that they won’t expect for sure. Gnomes are very popular, especially around the festive holidays because of their resemblance to Santa’s dwarves. Another reason why gnomes are popular in general is because of the similarity between gnomes and the seven dwarves in the Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. This Christmas gnome is a very simple but thoughtful gift that children or even adults would love to receive. Find out more on Amazon here.

Let me Take a Self Gnome Ornament

The iconic ‘Let Me Take a Selfie’ song that took the world by storm has also been made into a gnome. This racy gnome is a comical take on 2014 and a little satire of our modern-day society. With two curvy female gnomes holding a cellphone and taking a selfie, modern-day gnomes have taken a completely different path than Paracelsus’ would have thought of. Check this out on Amazon here.

In conclusion, whether you believe that female gnomes exist or not, you cannot deny the fact they already exist in many video games and are sold on many different websites. The lack of acceptance of female gnomes in the garden gnome community is very interesting and leaves me wondering as to why that is.







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