These are garden gnome ornaments which convey the message that people who see them should leave their owner’s yard. They may convey this either through a message that is part of the scene or with a strong expression made with their fingers!

Here are the best ones that you can buy today:

DWK Take a Hike Statue

This guy has a stern look on his face and the hand gesture plus the sign leave you in no doubt that he wants you to leave immediately! I particularly like the detail and quality of the artwork here as it is of a very high quality and life-like.

The paintwork here also looks to be of a very high quality with the big red hat, white beard and blue top really standing out. Not only is the main character here looking great but the cheeky squirrel underneath the sign looks very cool too.

This is quite a large item standing at 17 and a half inches tall, 7 and a half inches long and 6 and a half inches wide.

You can check the latest price of this and buy it from Amazon here.

Ebros Grumpy Gnome Wall Decor

Here is another go away ornament that features a squirrel! Not sure why exactly that is but this is a cool item that allows you to tell people to go away in a comical way that you can place on a wall.

The quality of this item doesn’t appear to be quite the same high standard as the previous one in this list but this is reflected in the price. If you’re looking for one of the types of items though this is still a great option as the quality is of a decent standard and it around 10 and a half inches tall.

If you looking for something that tells people where to go and which you can place on the wall then this is an excellent option. Take a look at the current cost of this and order your one on Amazon here.

BigMouth Inc Go Away Ornament

With this item it is all about the eyes! If anyone can see those and not be too scared to walk past then they have more courage than I do. The hand gesture and expression on this little guy’s face leave me in doubt that he isn’t happy about anyone walking around his garden so I would leave well alone.

The quality of the item here is decent and the price here is very reasonable so can be afforded by most people who are looking for this type of garden ornament. This stands at 9 inches tall and is made of resin so can be used both indoors and outside and will withstand the harsher elements.

Like the look of this? Check it out and buy it on Amazon here.

Where should I place them?

These are perfect to be placed in your garden or yard when you want to tell intruders exactly what you think of them! More specifically, they are great to be placed near exits and entrances so that they are seen quickly and your messages gets across!

What Color can I get Them in?

If you’re not sure about which color you want to get one in then you’re in luck with this style as there is a wide variety of colors so you can keep browsing until you see one that you enjoy.

To give you an insight, you can get them in the most common colors that gnomes are found in such as red, green and brown rebut there are also novelty ones that are based around this theme which are in themed outfits.

How much do they cost?

These are super common at the moment which means that there is a great variety of choice when it comes to cost. The main criteria that will affect how much you pay are things such as material and rarity.

Who are they suited to?

Whilst these are telling people to go away, as they are a gnome and are dressed in what we consider to be the traditional outfits that includes things such as the big, pointy hat and big boots then in this context they can also be rather comical to many people.

Should I buy one?

If you are type of person that has a strong sense of humour and you and your friends and family do not get offended easily then this is something that you should definitely get as part of your garden gnome ornament colleftion. They will add a lot and you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

However, if you have people visiting your garden that are easily offended or whom you don’t know particularly well yet then they may be quite strong in their message and may give your visitors the wrong impression.

If this is the case though there are a huge number of other options for you when it comes to adding to your yard gnomes and we have plenty of useful other articles for you.

You may be more interested in gnomes which are based around other themes such as movies, sports or maybe even fishing ones.






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