Let me guess, you got a gnome for Christmas but don’t know what to name it? Or maybe you are about to start a game of Dungeons and Dragons, and want to find the perfect name for a gnome that is about to slay monsters? Whatever the reason may be, this guide has got you covered on a variety of gnome names.

What is a good name for a gnome?

Literally, anything. Gnomish names often come in either a compound form (ex. Tinklight, Buzzfuse), repeating parts (ex. Fomblebemble, Reddleteddle) or have a lot of vowels. The right name depends on the setting. For storytelling purposes, finding a mystical name is a fitting choice for a fantasy theme and it automatically sets up intrigue towards a character. When reading a novel, it is hard to keep up with names so it is important for them to phonetically stand out, so it can be as arcane as gnomes are.

Here are a few names for literature:


  • Arila
  • Zindira    
  • Folxi
  • Grentina 
  • Tifamyn
  • Myna 
  • Rikkavikki 
  • Gaerick 
  • Rikkenedol 
  • Uvarkk 


  • Jinzic    
  • Labkost 
  • Clamdor   
  • Sarug
  • Erpos  
  • Jorhim      
  • Valmin
  • Nigrim
  • Davkas   
  • Seebo 

Gnome names in Dungeons & Dragons

Gnomes in D&D are cheeky tricksters that have a wild thirst for knowledge. Although they are very reserved individuals, they are a tight-knit community with everyone in each other’s business. The naming process of a baby gnome takes a while and includes a lot of input.

At least 6 different names are given to a baby from 6 different family members. The parents, grandparents, aunts and/or uncles are some of those who take part in this decision. Names are usually given from their ancestors or other relatives, but they are given a twist to avoid confusion within the community. Many gnomes choose to stick to three names (first, clan and nickname) to make it simple for humans.

Gnomides (female gnomes) have more melodic names, but the difference is barely noticeable, so most names pass off as unisex. Below is a list of general names:

  • Zanpos Gobbleflight
  • Orziver Boldbadge
  • Uritor Shadowback
  • Yosrick Bumbanall
  • Powin Ipag
  • Poziver Goofanas
  • Enikur Reddleteddle
  • Zilwin Flukewander
  • Wiljin Palepocket
  • Xalfan Fabblestabble

Gnome names in World of Warcraft

Similarly to D&D, World of Warcraft gnomes are very intelligent species with a great talent in technology. They only have a first and last name assigned at birth like humans. As gnomes are very close to humans, it is not unlikely for them to have human names. However, most have mechanical/ harsh sounding names. If a gnome has achieved a phenomenal feat, then they are attributed a new last name to match their level.

Names for World of Warcraft:

  • Gninudee Briskphase
  • Krumatluc Ironhide
  • Fetkargu Shinydwadle
  • Gneetha Luckspindle
  • Dotli Bellowstitch
  • Gnilko Thistlepatch
  • Banbozz Grindmaster
  • Lutliten Twistwhistle
  • Imkus Bafflestone
  • Mewiclec Teenycrank

Gnome names can be quite a mouthful and fun to create. They are really random, so you cannot go wrong if you want to come up with your own name. Their harsh but melodic syntax is the reason why their names are so unique. Gnomes can have a lot of strange names, so just have fun with it and mix words together in the funniest way you can think of!






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