Birthdays are a special occasion for anyone in their lives so it’s important when buying for someone on this big day that you get them something that will make them feel great and show how much you appreciate them being in your life.

Many people may have not considered getting someone a garden gnome as a gift but this is a great idea as it is something different from the norm so may take them by surprise and make them smile on their special day.

One of the problem with buying presents is that it can be difficult to think of what to get them as many people may have all of the essential things that they need in their day-to-day lives and buying something particularly unusual can be a risky idea especially if it is an expensive present. However, a garden gnome for their birthday works because it is something that everyone knows about, can be used either indoors or outside and isn’t not a particularly expensive gift so if they really don’t like it’s not a big deal and they can hide it in a place in their yard where no-one will see it anyway!

There are a number of high quality ornaments that you can purchase which are based around the theme of birthdays which as a buyer puts you at an advantage as you have plenty of choice.

They also often have a happy birthday message on them which mean something that if you are not there in person when that special person opens your generous gift you can wish them a happy day via the message.

There is also plenty of choice when it comes to the size and colors that you want to buy for your friend or relative as you can get both small and large figures as well as obtain one in a variety of colors. As time goes on and people continue to get more creative with the designs of their gnome ornaments then this will naturally increase too.

How much will they cost?

These days the cost of a happy birthday gnome is a lot less than it used to what with the these ease that it is to make and sell them. People have the ability to sell them online which means that can buy and sell them from anywhere around the world. Depending on the type that you wish to get such as a large or small one, you can expect to pay between $15 and $50 for one that isn’t particularly rare.

Which sizes can you get?

The average size of a garden gnome ornament is 9 inches so this will be the most common size that you can find a happy birthday one in. There also smaller ones that would be good if they are likely to be placed in a place with limited space such as a shelf for area in a yard where are already other ornaments.

Which colors can you buy them in?

As with various other gnome ornaments there are a wide range of colors that you are able to purchase them in with more becoming available but over time as people get more ambitious and creative with them and based them around more varied theme style such as TV shows, zombies and bands.

The tradition colors for them are a red hat, green gnome, brown/dark trousers and black boots so it is likely that you will find happy birthday ones in these colors however if you keep looking around you will be able to fond them in other color themes too.

Why should you get one?

The are a number of reasons why you should purchase a happy birthday garden gnome for a friend or family member that has this big anniversary coming up. The main one being that they are such great items. We created this site as they have been around for so long and their popularity continues to remain as strong as ever with a wide range of media being dedicated to them. They have such great expressions on their gave so be it smiley or angry and the clothing that they wear is always very charming and will add colour to any space where they will be placed.

They also have a long history which means pretty much everyone will have heard of them and as a number of people still haven’t got around to buying one it isn’t likely that your birthday gift will be appreciated and used. Another benefit to these is that even if the recipient already has one it looks fine to place multiple gnomes in a garden or yard. In fact, it’s usually better to have more than one!






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