Hunter Pence is a former American baseball player and is so popular that there are a number of gnome ornaments that you can buy which are suited to placing in your yard or home. He is mostly known for playing for the San Francisco Giants but also played for Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies and Texas Rangers.

After the San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in five years, they gave away a free Hunter Pence gnome to people that went to see them play in 2015. I guess they must have felt that it was a good fit as Pence has a beard and male gnomes are traditionally seen as having beards!

These items are actually now quite hard to find as they must not be making new ones any more so you are more likely to find a second hand one and the place that I have seen these listed on most frequently is eBay. This is the most popular place for second hand items on the internet and is a great place to find rare garden gnomes.

Check them out on eBay here.

How Much do They Cost?

If you are looking to buy one second hand from eBay then you should expect to pay around the $10 mark at the time of writing but could obviously change over time as they become more rare.

Who are These Suited to?

These will mostly be most suited to fans of the San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence himself or any if the other teams that he spent some of his career at. This gnome ornaments would look amazing in the garden of these fans but many sports fans also have areas of their house, such as a basement, where they have a sort of shrine to their favorite sports teams and players and these ornaments would also be perfect as a quirky addition to their collection in the house.

Other Sports Gnomes

We have also looked at various other sports gnomes such as Premier League soccer ones, Tottenham Hotspurs ones and Seattle Seahawks ones.

Why you Should Trust my Reviews

I have been scouring the internet for great products for many years and have built this site dedicated to garden gnomes so that I can provide you with the best information on these specific products. I take the time to look through various websites and read the information on them as well as check out various reviews of products so that you don’t have to! For example, for these Hunter Pence gnomes I have gone through the various options via Google and filtered out those products which I feel are not of a high enough quality for you and just included the best ones. I have also checked social media for these baseball-based yard ornaments and included ones which I think that you will like.






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