Whilst they have not traditionally been associated with horror or generally scary things, in recent years there has been an increase in garden gnome designs that are inspired by these themes.

It is helped by the fact that they are the stuff of myth and legend having been featured in stories for many years and have been used in people’s yards gardens since a tree least the 1800s. They are also associated with magic and yhese things combined makes them mysterious and flexible without how they’ve are perceived.

Therefore, it is not a huge stretch for them to be given scary-based designs such as zombie themes and others inspired by scary media such a small the TV show The Walking Deadbeat and movies such as Shaun of the Dead.

Not only are they suitable for specific holidays during the year but they also make for great garden decorations at all times particularly for fans of horror and scary stuff in general. They are usually comical too as they play on the traditional yard gnome design that will mess with people’s expectations so anyone who visits your home will be surprised by how they look.

Different Themes

When it comes to making a something that is scary or horror based there are many choices as you do not have to choose a scar you character but can use a character and make them look scary. For example, a rabbit can look scary with bigger and sharper looking teeth than usual with white eyes and blood around them with their face having a snarled expression. These will easily make a rabit scary and the same can be done to any other character, human or otherwise.

Great for a Party

If you are having people around to your place for any kind of party then these will add a lot to the ambience especially if it is a horror based one. Many of these will be suitable for storing inside or outside of your home which gives you plenty of options when it comes to placement. They will make people laugh as well as creep them out if that’s is something that you’re looking to do as part of your theme.

Gnomes for Halloween

These are obviously a great fit for Halloween whether you are having a party or just want items create the perfect Halloween vibe both inside and outside of your home.







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