Gnomes are often pictured as being jolly and friendly creatures in the past couple of hundred years but in recent years there has been a trend within the gnome-making community to sell gnomes that are based around them being angry!

People who buy those ones that are based around this angry theme are people that find them funny and/or think that having an angry one is more likely to deter evil from their yards. Many people do not want others to enter their gardens so having an ornament(s) there that enforce this message is a perfect way for them to communicate that they are the only ones that should be there! Or people just want those kind of messages in their yards as a joke.

Most of these types of figures are based around the gnome telling people to go away or flipping the bird at them or a combination of the two!

Here is a look at the best angry gnomes that you can buy today:

Double Bird

This is the classic angry gnome look! This guy is flipping the bird with both of his hands towards anyone that comes within his vicinity and is frowning. All of this adds together to say that he is not particularly happy and does not want any company!

He has the classic red hat, blue jacket, green trousers and black boots look with the stand being made to look like grass. The paintwork is of a good quality here and the figure is made of stone resin so is weather-proof so this ornament will work well both indoors and out. This unhappy guy stands at 8.3 inches tall and weighs 13.9 ounces.

Angry Little Gnome

This guy is so annoyed that he has decided to equip himself with a weapon to show off his unhappiness! The model is based on the famous version of the movie Scarface that was released in the 80s and stars Al Pacino. The stance that he has is based on the most famous scene in the film at the end where Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, is taking on armed soldiers that are invading his mansion. The stand on this also has the classic of “Say hello to my little friend!” etched onto it!

The height of this is probably about average for a gnome ornament and stands at 9.5 inches tall and weighs 1.35 pounds (1.45 pounds shipping weight). The outfit with this one is slightly different to most figures with him wearing the classic red hat, green trousers and black boots but he has a mustard-color jacket which stands out and it’s nice to see a different one!

Go Away!

This guy really isn’t happy! He has some great googly eyes on him which accentuates his anger and is flipping the bird with one hand. He has a red hat on with a light green jacket and light blue trousers with black boots. There is also a wooden sign next to him with the words “Go Away!” in red text which adds up to the whole “I don’t want you here” vibe I am getting from this one.

It stands at 9 inches tall and weighs 1.28 ounces so is very much around the average height and weight for a gnome figure and the look of this will make people laugh so is perfect for those people that want to express their strong sense of humor via their garden figures.

Grumpy Go Away

This is another ornament that features the words “Go Away” on it with this one being a bit different with the gnome being featured as reaching out of his window and has a little squirrel next to him that has their right hand up and is waving at whoever the gnome is angry with!

The gnome has a grump, frowning look on his face and is wearing a red hat and light blue jacket. As he is reaching out of his window, we don’t get to see what color trousers and shoes he is wearing but the detail here is of a good quality and the paintwork too.

This stands at 8.5 inches tall and weighs 2.06 pounds (2.22 shipping weight) and would look good not just on the floor outside but would also work if it was placed higher up such as hanging from a tree or attached to a shed.

Dinosaur Eating Gnomes

Whilst this figure isn’t just a gnome, it mainly features a dinosaur, it certainly is an angry scene with the dinosaur attacking various gnomes and even has one in it’s mouth! This is an unusual ornament that would stand out in your yard, especially if you already have gnomes, and which we have reviewed on this site. You can will be surprised about some of the things that we’ve said about! You can read the review here.

Solar Powered Middle Finger

This angry guy will definitely bring a lot of attitude to your yard and will make many laugh too! He has an angry stance and is sticking the middle finger of his right hand up. Something that is a little different with this figure it has a solar powered light in the middle which show up this aggressive little guy up at night.

He is wearing the usual red hat, blue jacket, green trousers and black shoes. It stands at 7.8 inches tall and weighs 1 pound with a 1.55 pound shipping weight. This is also made of poly resin so will be fine to store outside as well as inside your home.

Who These are Good for

These are perfect for those people that like to show off their sense of humor via the ornaments that they place in their garden. If you have visitors that like to laugh then showing them these items as you explore your garden with them will be a great way to have fun.

They also stylish and generally look a high quality without dominating your whole yard.






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