It was hard to pick the cute gnomes to include within this page as garden gnomes have been designed at their core to be cute and adorable so that people will keep them in their yards.

With their big (often red) hats, rosy cheeks and big round noses, it is hard not to like them and so there are a number of options for this page that will make you want to start or add to your existing collection.


One of the most common hobbies that gnomes are associated with taking part in is fishing. The exact reason for this is not known but I assume it is due to the fact that they are associated with being outdoor based for most of their time and fishing is an outdoor activity and something that isn’t affected by one’s height.

In many pictures and stories about gnomes, they are often shown or described as fishing and so it makes sense that many ornaments would feature them doing this.

Band and Music

There is an increasing number of items which are based around the theme of bands or music as technology allows individuals to make and sell their own ornaments which means that niche items can be sold.

This includes cute ornaments which are based around specific bands such as the KISS ones that we have covered in another article. The fact that they have face paint and and the clothing associated with the band yet still retaining the classic gnome look and feel make sure them extremely nice to look at and are perfect for the fan of this band.

Santa and Christmas

Gnomes share a number of physical attributes with Santa Claus such as the large tummy, red, round cheeks and, of course, the beard. This means that Santa themed ones are a great match and very cute items to have in your homeboy or yard.

As the Christmas season is so popular you can find a wide range of items based around this theme and there will Ben something to fit any budget.

What Colors Can I Get These In?

As we have covered a range of different types of items here and the colors that you can purchase them in general is very varied then the colors that you can get these cute ones in isn’t also very varied. The most common colour that you can get gnomes in is generally red, brown or green as these are common colors used with things used in nature and these work participants well with gnomes.

How Much do They Cost?

You can generally get these for around $15 to $30 and these will be weather proof so suitable now for use indoors and out. For the more rare or niche ones you may need to pay a premium and they can go for up to $200 depending on how rare they are.






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