There are so many gnomes on the market that it may be tough to know which ones would work best on your yard.

There are some that work great placed next to trees, others which are lovely indoors but what do you need to look for when choosing that special ornament or ornaments your yard which may be on grass and surrounded by your special plants and vegetables.

Take a look at some of the best yard gnomes that you can buy today:

Gnorbert the Gnerd Gnome

We felt that this was great as it is different from the average item that we come across for your yard and we look at A LOT! The makers of this certainly have a strong sense of humor and Gnorbert looks like he has a lot of character and so would add a lot to your garden.

Take a look at the latest price that you can buy him for on Amazon here.

Double Bird Statue

This little guy isn’t happy and certainly doesn’t mind letting people know how he feels! This is the perfect lawn ornament for people with a strong sense of humor and want to let intruders know how they feel about them. This is a very well-designer product at a reasonable price so will appeal to most people.

You can buy this on Amazon here.

Look and Feel

It is important that the ornaments that you place on your yard compliment the existing look and feel which is why you need to be somewhat picky about the gnomes that you choose to place there. If you have an environment which is inspired by nature then a biker-based gnome ornament will not really fit as well as one which has shades of green or brown in fit and perhaps even a little home as part of the ornament.

How Much do They Cost?

If you are looking to get a basic ornament that is made of plastic then the starting price is likely to be around the $10. For this type of gnome, the price is likely to go up to $50 depending on how much the seller wants to earn from it. They may increase the price if the design took a lot of time to come up with and other factors of this nature.

If what you are buying is made of a more expensive material then the cost rise much higher depending on other factors such as the size and design of it. If it is rare then that could also add a considerable amount to the price.

Who are They Suited to?

You may have stumbled across this page and not had a proper look at the title but the first thing to say that these items are for those of you with a yard or garden! We have picked these ones as they have a good look and feel for being placed in these places either due to the way that they have been made and/or how they look.

That’s not to say that you need a big yard for these to look good though. We have picked these based on their ability to work in any type of yard to don’t worry if you have a small one.

Ideally, you will have some grass and your yard will in general have seen natural features such as grass, plants and maybe even a tree however obviously we appreciate that not everyone will have these things.

I mention that these items are ideal to have in your garden as they will compliment the look and feel of the gnomes. They are very much associated with nature so having this kind of vibe will result in a great atmosphere.

What Colours can you get Them in?

We have mentioned how they work best in these places at your property based on how they fit in with a nature so the products that we have recommended here have similar colours that are associated with nature such as brown, red, green, black and other, dark versions of similar colours.

Where can you get Them?

The place where you will have the most variety and choice is online and here you can also price check against various retailers as well as read recommendations from other people.

The online retailer that will have a the greatest range is Amazon so we recommend that you start your search here particularly if you are starting your search and not yet sure of the gnome ornament that you wish to purchase.

If you require a gnome for you’re yard which is a more niche and also, potentially, rare and you cannot find it on Amazon then the next place that you should check eBay. This may mean that the item you get is second hand but it may be perfect for your property.

Why Should you get Them?

One of the best reasons to buy these is if you have a property with a yard and you want to give it a more homely feel. They are a great way to make people feel welcome when they visit your property as they are fun to look at and have a friendly appearance.

If you have an existing collection of garden ornaments and want to make the most of your yard then these could make the perfect addition. If this is to be the first item in your collection then choosing one of these will get you started on the right foot.

Where Should you Place Them?

Whist these obviously be placed in your yard, there are certain places to put them which will make the most of how they improve your garden. The specific location will depend on the gnome ornament that you are placing.

For example, if you have an item which incorporates a door then it would be a fun idea to put it down next to a tree to imply that the gnome lives in the tree and the door leads into their tree-based home. If you have a fishing-based product then I personally think that this would work on a freshly cut lawn where it looks like pond or lake where they are fishing is within the lawn.

Ultimately, you need to decide where to place them based on the specific look and feel or your garden and the atmosphere that you are looking to generate. However, I hope that the article has given you an insight into the various considerations that you need to make and the choices available to you when looking to purchase a yard gnome ornament.






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