Gnomes have a long history having been seen in a wide range of different places such as in the wild, in their owner’s gardens and in media such as movies, TV shows and videogames such as Fortnite.

With so much exposure to people it is only natural that certain gnomes will gain a level of spotlight that makes them well-known throughout the world and we wanted to summarize these for those of you that may still not be aware of them.

There are many gnomes available to buy that are based around human celebrities. Examples of these are Santa Claus, Scarface Gnome and Gnomezilla.

Here is a list of famous gnomes:

Gnomeo & Juliet

This was a big hit in 2011 and was an animated movie based around the famous novel of a similar name. James McAvoy played the lead role and the movie was a big hit commercially and brought our gnome friends back into the public consciousness after a while away. It showed that there still is, and probably always will be, a big appetite for all things gnome related.

Sherlock Gnomes

This is a big animated movie that was released in 2018 and was based on the famous detective novels of a similar name but changed slightly to incorporate the gnome lead! It was a sequel of sorts to the aforementioned Gnomeo & Juliet and also a success at the box office. Again in this movie James Mcavoy played the lead role.

Do Gnomes Have Names?

Many gnomes do in fact have names. A great deal of these are given to them by their owners whilst others have names that are based around the theme that they have for example Gnomezilla which is based around the famous monster Godzilla.

What Are Gnomes Known For?

Gnomes are known for a great deal of things. One of these is protecting their owner’s garden from evil to save the treasure, such as gold and minerals, that is often buried in them.

Find out more about the history of them and what they are known for here.

Do Gnomes Bring Good Luck?

Whilst not a huge amount is known about them, gnomes have featured in literature and the stories that people tell about them for hundreds of years. When they initially were featured in stories, they were described and drawn as what we would describe as orc type characters which are not particularly pleasant to look at.

Over the years, however, they have evolved into the friendly-looking creatures that we see today with smiling faces, big bellies, long white beards and pointy hats.

With this long history and their appearance, people associate them with bringing good luck to their owners.

You can read more about gnomes bringing good luck here.

Why Do Gnomes Wear Red Hats?

Gnomes are most often seen wearing a red hat as this is the hat that is associated with those that are keen on keeping traditional values alive and for being a dependable member of the community.

We have a dedicated article on gnomes and the hats that they wear here.






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