These days, people are crossing the classic gnome ornament design with a range of more modern popular culture such as zombies, bikers and even Santa Claus but this particular cross is just something which makes us very excited.

Someone has made their own Kiss gnome ornaments and they look simply amazing. We believe that they are custom made by a crafty creative who took some gnome figures and modified them to look like the legendary rock band.

KISS Garden Gnome

The members of KISS were known for their black and white make-up that they would wear on stage and this is the most obvious part of these gnomes that have been recreated to an extremely high standard. their clothing is also very much on-point with that worn by the band as it is over-the-top and painted in the band’s iconic grey and black clothing colors.

Their beards have also been customized to go-along with the rest of their look with them having been painted black to really give them the rock edge.

To finish off the look, this gnome-crafter has even added spikes and beads to the outfit to recreate what the band wears and it really stands out. Anyone that has any kind of vague knowledge of KISS will know that these garden ornaments are based on the classic rock band.

KISS Garden Gnome

Who are Kiss?

If you don’t know who the band KISS are, they are an American rock band that formed in the early 1970s and consisted of members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Pete Criss and Ace Frehley. Probably the thing that they are most famous for is their look which consisted of their faces painted in white and black face paint.

Their stage shows were rather dramatic as they used to incorporate extravagant elements such as smoking guitars, levitating drum kits and fire. Their music was often catchy, loud and dramatic which caught the attention of a large percentage of the population who followed them loyally for many years.

This extreme and unique look meant that someone would eventually make garden gnome ornaments based on them but the work done here is particularly good. Like all males, they have long beards and a big, pointy hat but have the signature white and black face paint which makes them stand point and is a very dramatic look.


We can’t find confirmation of the size of these gnomes but from the photos that we can see online they appear to be around the 9 inch mark.

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