Tom Clark Christmas Gnomes

Tom Clark gnomes are quite rare and his Christmas gnomes are even more difficult to find! The most likely place that you can get them at is:

These are the most likely placements to find them however if you do find them on there make sure that you do plenty of reading to be confident that it is a genuine Tom Clark Christmas gnome and that you will receive what you pay for.

Twas the Night Before Christmas Tom Clark Gnome

This is one of the most famous of his Christmas gnomes and was retired in 1993. It is based on the famous story and is a very hard to find piece. If you come across it and can afford it then you should snap it up! Apparently, these have the number 51 and are dated 1986. It measures 11-3/4″ tall and is 10″ in diameter.

Are Tom Clark Gnomes Worth Anything?

Tom Clark gnomes usually retail between $20 and $60 when they are brand new. If the gnomes are second hand then the price varies more. However when they are sold in an auction it can be sold for $500+. Collectors are willing to splurge when it comes to terra-cotta gnomes or old iron ones. The older the gnome, the more valuable it is as people are willing to pay a few hundreds of dollars in comparison to the newer ones. These collectible pieces can be found on etsyebay or sometimes collectible stores.

They are still quite accessible, as many people are reselling their once very loved pieces. They retail at all sorts of prices depending on the condition and the year it was sold. There are quite a few Facebook groups dedicated to these gnomes with people from all over the world exchanging stories of their gnomes or selling them.

Are Tom Clark Gnomes Handmade?

Yes, they are handmade which is partly why they are so highly-regarded and rare.

Can Tom Clark Gnomes go Outside?

Tom Clark gnomes are coated with a UV protective agent so they can be used for outdoor purposes. However, many are quite old and many collectors want to keep the integrity of the pieces, so they are usually kept in glass cabinets within the household. This protects them from dust, soil, rain and humidity so that the gnome paint can last for a longer time. Dr. Clark has often said that if people want to keep them outdoors then it is important to switch them between inside and outside. Cairn Studios made hand cast gnomes in resin or bronze and then hand painted them but the artist opted out and stuck to clay. If you want to maintain the value of these collector items, it is better to keep it indoors.

Who is Tom Clark ?

American-born Dr. Thomas Fetzer Clark studied theology and religious arts in Davidson College, where his father and other family members previously studied. He was an associate professor at Davidson College for over 25 years. In 1985, he quit his successful teaching career to work at an art gallery (a move that many questioned). Once a passionate craftsman who used to make wood sculptures during his free time, then became successful enough to travel around the world to teach people how to make his sculptures with Cairn Studios.

His clay work is exceptional and has a talent in creating gnomes with a purpose. All gnomes have a backstory that is often inspired by actual characters in his life. His figurines are bought from the likes of the former first lady Barbara Bush and It-author Stephen King. His creations vary from gnomes to real life figurines and has travelled around to teach people how to make them.






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