Tom Clark Gnome Price Guide

Brand new Tom Clark gnomes can sell for anything between $20 and $60 with second hand ones having a value of between $5 and $500 depending on things like how rare the specific item is and the condition.

Here is a price guide for some Tom Clark gnomes that I have seen online:

“Saturday” Gnome Laying by Tree Trunk

This appears to be approximately $25/£20.

Bunny Cairn Gnome # 5098 COA Ink Signed

This appears to be approximately $25/£20.

Vintage Large HITCH 1987 Signed No. 59 Sunflower Seed

This appears to be approximately $40/£30.

Rebecca Cairn Gnome #1187 COA

This sells for approximately $25/£20.

Tim Wolfe Ginny Cairn Gnome #9018

This sells for approximately $35/£25.

Cairn Studios Gnome on King of Clubs 1984 #68

This sells for approximately $30/£22.

To Belle Kringle Unpainted Rare Gnome Miniature Resin Statue

This sells for approximately $42/£25.

UNPAINTED RARE Gnome Miniature Resin Statue

This sells for approximately $42/£25.

Olin 8 1981


T Wolfe 1984 1070 7 Up


Twas Night Before


1986 Twas Night Before


Jesus at Gethsemane 1995


Trixie and Treat Edition 22 Item 5091 1989 R


School Marm 1991 #22 #5171 w/Story Card




John Deere Assembly Team


Vintage 1991 Tom Clark “Holly”


Which Tom Clark Gnomes are Valuable?

  • Cairn Studios Tom Clark Gnome Padre
  • Tom Clark 1986 Twas Night Before
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Tom Clark 6 Pc Nativity Figurine Set
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Tom Clark Uncle Hershel Signed Cracker

Who is Tom Clark ?

Dr. Thomas Fetzer Clark was born in America, but he studied theology and religious arts at Davidson College where his father had also previously attended school. After 25 years as an associate professor there, Dr Clark quit to work for Gallery XIX (a move many questioned).

Once a passionate craftsman who used to make wood sculptures during his free time, then became successful enough to travel around the world to teach people how to make his sculptures with Cairn Studios.

His clay work is exceptional and has a talent in creating gnomes with a purpose. All gnomes have a backstory that is often inspired by actual characters in his life. His figurines are bought from the likes of the former first lady Barbara Bush and It-author Stephen King. His creations vary from gnomes to real life figurines and has travelled around to teach people how to make them.

Is Tom Clark still living?

The artist himself is still alive but has long retired from making his art pieces. His gnomes are available online and are still sold on the Cairn Studio website. Tom Clark was born in 1928 and has long retired and has stopped making gnomes. Some are still produced in the studio he used to work at and some have been retired. They are made by people who recreate his work impeccably. At one point he had a staff of hundreds of people reproducing his creations for sale.

Are Tom Clark gnomes worth anything?

Yes, some Tom Clark gnomes are worth up to $500 with the average around $60.

Is Tom Clark gnomes still alive?

Tom Clark, the maker of many amazing gnomes, died in January 2022.

Can you put Tom Clark gnomes outside?

Tom Clark gnomes are very versatile, i.e., they can be placed indoors and outdoors and the quality of fine art sculpture that they can be displayed anywhere from living room to garden with their signature exposed over time if left uncovered in weather conditions or moved constantly for storage purposes.

How do I sell Tom Clark gnomes?

There are various online antique dealing websites that you can contact but there are the obvious places such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy that many people search for Tom Clark gnomes on.

Who is Tom Clark gnome?

When Tom Clark graduated from Davidson in 1949, he joined the religion department. For 26 years he taught there and inspired many students with his gnome sculptures on campus!







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