Tom Clark Gnome Price Guide

Tom Clark gnomes are a unique collectible item that has gained significant popularity among figurine enthusiasts and gnome lovers alike. With their intricate designs, delightful expressions, and detailed craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that these charming figurines command such attention in the collectors’ market. This article aims to provide insight into the pricing of these beloved gnomes, offering both beginners and seasoned collectors a helpful guide to navigate the bustling market.

Brand new Tom Clark gnomes can sell for anything between $20 and $60 with second hand ones having a value of between $5 and $500 depending on things like how rare the specific item is and the condition.

Eager to ascertain the worth of your cherished Tom Clark gnome? Unearth priceless insights in our comprehensive guide to valuation, found here!

Understanding Tom Clark Gnome Prices

Tom Clark gnome prices can vary widely, driven by factors such as the rarity of the gnome, its condition, the edition number, whether it’s signed by Tom Clark himself, and of course, market demand. It’s not uncommon to find prices ranging from just a few dollars for common, more recently produced figurines, to well over a thousand dollars for rare and highly sought-after pieces.

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Here is a price guide for some Tom Clark gnomes that I have seen online:

“Saturday” Gnome Laying by Tree Trunk

This appears to be approximately $25/£20.

Bunny Cairn Gnome # 5098 COA Ink Signed

This appears to be approximately $25/£20.

Vintage Large HITCH 1987 Signed No. 59 Sunflower Seed

This appears to be approximately $40/£30.

Rebecca Cairn Gnome #1187 COA

This sells for approximately $25/£20.

Tim Wolfe Ginny Cairn Gnome #9018

This sells for approximately $35/£25.

Cairn Studios Gnome on King of Clubs 1984 #68

This sells for approximately $30/£22.

To Belle Kringle Unpainted Rare Gnome Miniature Resin Statue

This sells for approximately $42/£25.

UNPAINTED RARE Gnome Miniature Resin Statue

This sells for approximately $42/£25.

Olin 8 1981


T Wolfe 1984 1070 7 Up


Twas Night Before


1986 Twas Night Before


Jesus at Gethsemane 1995


Trixie and Treat Edition 22 Item 5091 1989 R


School Marm 1991 #22 #5171 w/Story Card




John Deere Assembly Team


Vintage 1991 Tom Clark “Holly”


Other Tom Clark Gnome Prices

The 7 Up Turtle Train (1984) – $1,575
Tom Clark Gnome Boofey (1980) – $799.99
Tom Clark Shell Oyl Edition #0 – $500
Tom Clark Gnome Olin (1981) – $500
Tom Clark Gnome Wizard (1978) – $499
Tom Clark Tobee Finch Gnome (2003) – $450
Tom Clark Gnome Hap (1980) – $400
Tom Clark Gnome Gingerbread House (2001) – $400
Tom Clark Gnome Abner (1980) – $350
The American Dream vs the Mad Russian (1988) – $290
Tom Clark Gnome Azalea (2003) – $200
Tom Clark Gnome Bick (1980) – $199.99​1

Tom Clark Gnome ALPHABET Figurine – $31.96​2
Tom Clark Gnome, Hans Figure – $25.00​
Vintage 1991 Charlie Soccer Gnome – $21.24​
Vintage 1983 Cairn Studios Gnome named “Jeff” – $16.00​
Tom Clark Gnome Cairn Studios Figurine “Buster” – $17.60​
Tom Clark Gnome GRIFF #13 – $34.99​
Vintage Tom Clark Gnome – “Homer” – $35.00​
Vintage Signed Tom Clark Gnome 1981 Shelley – $225.00​
Tom Clark Gnome Barney 1991 – $35.00​2
Tom Clark “Pete” Figurine – $52.00​
Tom Clark Gnome “Par” – $50.00​
1983 Large Tom Clark Gnome Figurine – $48.59​
Signed Tom Clark Gnome Figurine “The 7 Up” – $475.00​
1995 Retired Flower Girl w/ Bunny Rabbit Sculpture – $45.00​
1987 Tom Clark Gnome – $12.60​
Vintage Tom Clark 1985 EUREKA Gnome – $54.95​
Tom Clark Santa Claus, 1983 – $99.99​
Franklin Gnome Statue – $100.00​
Tom Clark Gnome Candy – $12.60​

Which Tom Clark Gnomes are Valuable?

  • Cairn Studios Tom Clark Gnome Padre
  • Tom Clark 1986 Twas Night Before
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Tom Clark 6 Pc Nativity Figurine Set
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Tom Clark Uncle Hershel Signed Cracker

Buying Tom Clark Gnomes

When buying Tom Clark gnomes, it’s essential to consider several factors. Always verify the condition of the gnome – a piece in mint condition without any chips, cracks, or missing parts will generally fetch a higher price. The original box or Certificate of Authenticity can also add value.

In terms of where to buy, online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy are popular venues. These platforms offer a wide variety of choices and provide an easy way to compare prices.

Selling Tom Clark Gnomes

If you’re considering selling your Tom Clark gnomes, it’s crucial to price them correctly. Research recent sales of similar items to get a sense of the current market value. In addition to online marketplaces, consider reaching out to collectors’ groups or forums for advice and potential buyers.

Exploring Tom Clark Gnome Price Variations

It’s worth noting that while some Tom Clark gnomes are worth several hundred dollars, not all are valued so highly. Just as with other collectibles, the market for Tom Clark gnomes is fluid and changes based on factors such as demand, condition, and rarity. For example, Tom Clark Gnome “Griff” (1985) was listed for $34.99, and a figurine named “Buster” from 1990 had a sale price of $17.60​1​.

At the higher end of the spectrum, some notable pieces have commanded significant prices. For instance, a signed 1981 gnome named “Shelley” was listed for $225, and a figurine called “The 7 Up” signed by Tom Clark himself had a listed price of $475​1​.

Factors Influencing Tom Clark Gnome Prices

The year of production, design, and whether the gnome was retired (no longer being produced) can significantly influence its value. For instance, a vintage 1985 gnome named “Eureka” was listed for $54.95, while a Tom Clark Santa Claus from 1983 had a listed price of $99.99. Other notable mentions include a Franklin Gnome Statue listed for $100, and a Tom Clark gnome named “Candy” with a sale price of $12.60​1​.

The gnome’s condition and whether it’s accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) can also influence the price. A gnome in mint condition or one that comes with a COA, which confirms its authenticity, can often command a higher price.

Navigating the Tom Clark Gnome Market

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner, it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence the price of Tom Clark gnomes. Stay informed about market trends and recent sales to ensure you’re buying or selling at a fair price.

Remember, the joy of collecting isn’t solely about the financial investment; it’s also about the enjoyment you derive from owning these delightful gnomes. Each gnome, with its unique character and design, tells a story that adds to the charm of your collection.

Who is Tom Clark ?

Dr. Thomas Fetzer Clark was born in America, but he studied theology and religious arts at Davidson College where his father had also previously attended school. After 25 years as an associate professor there, Dr Clark quit to work for Gallery XIX (a move many questioned).

Once a passionate craftsman who used to make wood sculptures during his free time, then became successful enough to travel around the world to teach people how to make his sculptures with Cairn Studios.

His clay work is exceptional and has a talent in creating gnomes with a purpose. All gnomes have a backstory that is often inspired by actual characters in his life. His figurines are bought from the likes of the former first lady Barbara Bush and It-author Stephen King. His creations vary from gnomes to real life figurines and has travelled around to teach people how to make them.

Is Tom Clark still living?

The artist himself is still alive but has long retired from making his art pieces. His gnomes are available online and are still sold on the Cairn Studio website. Tom Clark was born in 1928 and has long retired and has stopped making gnomes. Some are still produced in the studio he used to work at and some have been retired. They are made by people who recreate his work impeccably. At one point he had a staff of hundreds of people reproducing his creations for sale.

In conclusion, the world of Tom Clark gnomes is diverse and fascinating. Whether you’re drawn to their whimsical charm or their potential as an investment, understanding their pricing can enrich your collecting experience. As with any collectible, a piece’s value is ultimately determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. Therefore, do your research, enjoy the process, and happy gnome hunting!

Are Tom Clark gnomes worth anything?

Yes, some Tom Clark gnomes are worth up to $500 with the average around $60.

Is Tom Clark gnomes still alive?

Tom Clark, the maker of many amazing gnomes, died in January 2022.

Can you put Tom Clark gnomes outside?

Tom Clark gnomes are very versatile, i.e., they can be placed indoors and outdoors and the quality of fine art sculpture that they can be displayed anywhere from living room to garden with their signature exposed over time if left uncovered in weather conditions or moved constantly for storage purposes.

How do I sell Tom Clark gnomes?

There are various online antique dealing websites that you can contact but there are the obvious places such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy that many people search for Tom Clark gnomes on.

Who is Tom Clark gnome?

When Tom Clark graduated from Davidson in 1949, he joined the religion department. For 26 years he taught there and inspired many students with his gnome sculptures on campus!






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