Tottenham Hotspur Football Club are an English football/soccer team based in North London and play in the Premier League. Their nickname and some would say what they are better known as is “Spurs”. They are managed by Jose Mourinho.

Like many other sports teams (some of which we have featured like the Seattle Seahawks) around the world, they have had the inspired idea of selling garden gnomes based around their team! This means that the gnome’s look and feel is based around the colors worn by the team and, in this particular case, it is white and navy blue.


History of Them

Over the years, Spurs have had a number of different gnomes to help support the team and drive them on to greater glory with the latest one being shown below.

As English football teams update their kit every season, Spurs have also updated their gnome’s design to wear this latest kit so we have featured the gnome designs that they have used in recent history.

Who Would Enjoy These?

As sports fans have fierce rivalry, this is very likely to only be enjoyed by supports of Tottenham Hotspur as others will be put off by the fact that it is based around this team.

For fans of the club, however, this item is likely to be very much enjoyed by them as it is a chance to own something that shows off their love for their team either in the home but is a great chance to show off their support with an ornament in the garden as there are not many garden ornaments available for sports fans.

Cost, Size and Weight

On the official club shop, this can be purchased for £18. The shop does not list the exact size and weight but, having looked at this in person, it looks like the average height of a gnome ornament at around the 9 inch mark and weighs around average too at around 1.5 pounds.

What are They Made of?

This also isn’t mentioned on the official website but when I looked at these in person they appear to be made of polyresin, like most garden gnomes, which means that it will be suitable for storing both outdoors and indoors and will be OK in the more harsh weather conditions.

The 18/19 Season

At the time of writing which is during the end of the 18/19, this is the latest garden gnome design that they are selling and is based around their traditional white navy kit, designed by Nike, and which has the “Spurs” in the middle with the club’s cockerel-based badge in the top left.

He is also striking a football-related pose by kicking a football, which is stuck to his right foot in the model, up into the air. It’s a nice touch rather than him just standing still as it ramps up the football-factor which fans will appreciate.






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