There are a large number of unique garden gnomes that you can buy these days as different people can design and sell them with ease due to advances in technology that we’ve had in recent years. These ornaments are often based around themes such as movies, music and sports teams.

As well as the designing of these ornaments being made easier, it is also easier for people to promote them so that people can find out about these unique designs through platforms such as social media.

Below, we have put together some of the best examples of these ornaments. We hope that you enjoy:


These are extremely popular these days due to TV shows such as The Walking Dead and movies such as World War Z. It is one of those genres that people are devoted to and so they soak up every form of memorabilia and that includes garden gnomes.

The design of these really stands out and so they are a popular genre and are great both for Halloween and the rest of the year.


There are ornaments that you can buy which are based around the genre of music and, more specifically, bands. One of the best examples of these are the KISS band Gnomes that we have previously covered. These are rare and have been made by individuals whonuse the internet to promote their own garden gnome designs.


There are a wide range of movie-inspired figures that you can buy which are based around both blockbuster and not niche movies. The designs of these can be extremely intricate and well-done which will give your garden or yard a special feel and anyone that has the pleasure of visiting you will get great enjoyment from these.

Featuring Mushrooms

Mushrooms are are something that are commonly associated with gnomes, along with things such a small trees and grass, as they are part of nature and this is where gnomes spend their time.

Mushrooms are used in creative ways to add variety to an ornament’s design by using them as a house (or at least the roof) or placed alongside characters in the scene.


There are military style ones that have a more aggressive look but which will still make people smile as they as they also have the classic gnome look and feel so this cross over ia both creative an drew humorous.

They are perfect for fans of military memorabilia as they are based on Forman of military such as the army and navy. People also see them as being protectors of a yard or garden at least in a symbolic sense if nothing else.

Who are These Suited to?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to the look and feel of your garden or yard, then these items may be a great match for you. They are not necessarily safe items to buy as they are unusual and so you have to be OK with some people not liking them.

The unique type of items that we have listed are not the kind that will be for everyone but if you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind that then it is likely that you will find something of interest here.

How Much do They Cost?

Despite them being unique you can get many of these at a very affordable cost. The cheapest that you will likely find one of these is $10 and, as some of the items that fall within this category are rare, the top end of the price range can’t reach the hundreds or even or thousands.

If you do buy one at the top end ornaments the price range, remember that it is likely to be something that you or people that visit your garden before will probably have not seen anywhere else so it will have that wow factor. Also, if you keep it in a great condition then the value of it should stay the same or may even rise.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Probably the best place to buy these is online as there is a very wide choice of products that you can get. People are easily able to sell niche types of gnomes that would fit into the category of unique and so they place them online to reach people around the world.






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