The answer may surprise you. Sure, we think of them as being decorative pieces to place in the flowerbeds or around your backyard. You know – just another addition to give a bit of personality and whimsy to the space. But did you know that they have other uses, too?

Where do Gnomes get Their Name From?

The name is thought to derive from the Greek word “genomos” meaning earth-dweller; an accurate description for mythological beings who protect crops and gardens with hidden treasures.

The first garden gnomes were made of clay and Romans used to call them Gartenzwerge or “garden dwarves.” They are descendants of statuary that have been around since ancient times, but they didn’t really catch on until the 19th century when sculptor Philip Griebel created his version for German families living in forests near Nuremberg.

The resin-, plastic-and eventually metal versions we know today as “Grungy” Pinocchio look very different from these early clay sculptures–aside from their heads which still retain some semblance (though not much) with what little facial detail can be seen among other things like hands holding tools…

The gnome statue, and other statues like it were used in gardens to ensure a bountiful harvest by protecting the animals and plants. They also kept away evil spirits that might try to take what you’ve worked so hard for!

Gnomes Were a Status Symbol

In the 18th century, garden gnomes were a status symbol in wealthy families’ gardens. Thanks to the myths, folklore and world-wide stories such as German fairy tales that perpetuated them for centuries – gnomes have captured our imagination. They are symbols of good luck or mischief in many cultures around the globe because they play an important role with farming (or other aspects). The belief is attributed primarily by their small size; however it wouldn’t be until much later on when humans realized how resourceful these little guys could actually be!

How They are Used Today

When you need a little humor in your weekend routine, look no further than the garden gnome. You can find them holding gardening supplies or doing more leisurely activities like sitting around with their friends and drinking tea (depending on which variety is preferred) or fishing. No matter what kind of messengers these creatures may be for good news it’s always best if they come bearing gifts!






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