Garden gnomes are known as symbols of good luck, but they weren’t always that way. Originally farmers believed these small creatures could help protect the crops and livestock from thieves or pests by watching over them in their barn on high places like rafters where many still see this practice today-though some experts say it’s more for show than anything else nowadays!

10 Facts About Gnomes

  1. As mentioned above, they bring good luck.
  2. They will care for your pets.
  3. They like to have parties and so may include you.
  4. They are a fun conversation starter.
  5. They make you and your visitors smile.
  6. They are easy to live with.
  7. They can be used inside and outside the house.
  8. They make your garden a nicer place to be in.
  9. They are cute.
  10. They encourage you to spend more time outside in nature.

What are they Good for in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)?

Some theories that I found online:

Gnomes are the best at hiding, and they’ve been doing so since before humans were around. They use illusion to misdirect people from where their homes actually reside as well as an enchantment that causes those who run afoul of them never knowing for sure if this is something worth worrying about or not (though we think maybe). Gnomish illuminati control everything: money supply; political factions & religious hierarchies–everything!

Imagine a world where the gnomes are not silly and don’t have dwarves in their setting. Gnomish characters can be an interesting race to explore, as they’re less boring than some other fantasy races with stereotypes that make them hard for people of all ages (or any gender) to connect with on an emotional level!

There’s a certain freedom in being the only race who doesn’t care what others think of them. Gnomes are free-spirited, and don’t let fear stop them from experiencing new things at the end of day!

Gnomes are a race who live in the Earth, but they’re also meant for life outside-of dirt and rocks? How does one go from living below ground all day long every single day without getting trapped there forever? The gnomish people were once surface dwellers like us! They had an accident while exploring caves beneath their home which led them down into darkness where sunlight couldn’t reach… at least until now that was.






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