Swedish gnomes are called Tomte, but they can be found anywhere in the Swedish countryside. They like to live near humans and often work as advisors or spirit keepers for farmers who have them living on their property because of this belief that they will ensure good luck with crops going forward!

Show him due respect and he’ll protect your home from accidents. He might play tricks on you if you annoy him, but don’t worry! It’s all in good fun though.

What are Scandinavian Gnomes Called?

Tomte or Nisser. The gnome in Scandinavia is similar to the one you’ve probably seen. They’re small and bearded, with a mischievous nature towards home decorating or gardening tasks that they may set for humans who live nearby underground places like caves where Tomtes hang out!

What are Danish gnomes called?

Danish gnomes are called Nisser. They usually have a red hat and clothes, dark boots, big beard and their eyes are covered.

What is the Difference Between Tomte and Nisse?

Tomtes are small men that live on homesteads and tend to be older than kids, whilst being size of a child. They have long lives where they enjoy helping out around their own property or taking care other people’s items when needed. Nisse comes from the name Nils which is the Scandinavian version of Nicholas.

What is a Scandinavian GONK?

These are small figures with long beards and knitted hats and many think of them as being the Nordic version of Santa Claus/Father Christmas. Many people say that they are inspired by garden gnomes, particularly those described in Scandanavian folklore and over time they have become more popular amongst the mainstream and this popularity is continuing to increase especially with people more easily able to buy them via the internet.

It is believed that they were first found in tales in the 1600s with many thinking that they originate from the 13th century. Many people associate them with Christmas gnomes even though they are different with their faces being entirely covered by their hat and beard. Their nose is the most distinctive part of their face and they are believed to be responsible for protecting their owner’s home during winter and Christmas.

Why are Gnomes’ Eyes Covered?

Gnomes with their eyes covered are the Scandinavian version of Santa called a Tomte / Nisse and are not often seen. It is considered that their eyes are scary to look at and so this is why they are covered. Find out more here.







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