Gnomes are social creatures and something that they enjoy partaking in whilst being around others is drinking nice beverages. One of their favorities is Mead Dew which is a very refreshing drink and perfect for a hot , summer’s day. It is often made with honey and water fermented by yeast.

They like to also drink beer in small doses particularly when surrounded by their fellow gnome friends and after enjoying a day’s work in nature. Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, probably the most popular after water and tea. It is a fermented, alcoholic drink which is usually made from malted cereal such as barley and flavored using hops.

Another drink that they are know to enjoy consuming surrounded by their gnome friends is ale. It is a form of beer that is characterized by the yeast used during the fermenting stage. This gives it a sweet and fruity taste which, for gnomes, who eat a lot of fruit, is perfect!

Where do They Like to Drink?

As they spend a lot of time in nature they generally like to spend time drinking there too, often surrounded by their friends and family and so a nice beverage is a great way to make this an even more enjoyable and sociable occasion. Gnomes are community focused in their nature and so this is a great way to bond as is making meals and eating together.

What do They Like to Eat?

As you may have guessed from their body shape, they very much like food! They are vegetarian and so enjoy food such as buts, berries, vegetables and fruit. You can read our dedicated guide to gnomes and what they eat here.

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