Most gnomes are vegetarian and, as they are around nature a great deal, they gather up their food from this environment so things like berries, nuts, fruit, vegetables, peas, beans and spices make up a lot of their meals.

Gnomes spend a lot of time outside in the natural environment and, like with a lot of species, this has a major bearing on their diet. They eat well as they work together to gather resources and then enjoy being around each other to make great meals.

A great source or protein for them is gather from the nectar of a high protein plant called ‘Vicia Sepuim’.

They like to eat roots such as especially starchy tubers that they grown themselves like parsnips, turnips, carrots and parsley.

As you may have guessed from the shape of the typical gnome body shape, they have a large appetite and are known to eat almost half of their body weight in a single sitting!

What do They Drink?

It is thought that they like to drink Mead Dew which is made from fermented honey and raspberries as well as spiced gin. It is also thought that their taste in drinks is also similar to Dwarves and so they also enjoy ale, beer and stout.

What do They eat in DnD?

In Dungeons & Dragons their diet is quiet similar in that they are also vegetarian and so also eat things such as nuts, fruits and veg. People are not sure if their are obligate vegetarians (cannot digest meat) or cultural vegetarians (they choose not to as they speak to animals). It is thought that gnomes in DnD have a strong digestive system and so can eat things that other races are not able to an and that their diet is similar to that of a cow.

An interesting fact is that they invented Gnomish Brewing Barrel which halves fermenting time.

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