Gnomes at Night

These legendary magic using gnomes were said to be earth elementals (hence their placement in gardens) who lived underground in the daylight where they guarded their treasures, and would emerge at night.

They’d turn to stone if caught in broad daylight which is why people made statues of them and placed them in the gardens.

Why do people put gnomes outside?

Garden gnomes manage the garden and protect you, despite their origins in numerous mythology sources. (This is why they are frequently represented doing manual labour, like as gardening or fishing.)

Why are gnomes eyes covered?

Gnomes with their eyes covered are the Scandinavian version of Santa called a Tomte / Nisse and are not often seen. It is considered that their eyes are scary to look at and so this is why they are covered.

Do you know about these little guys called Tomte? They’re famous in the world of Scandinavian folklore and they share a lot with traditional gnomes. These figures are typically found on people’s homes, farms or other places where there is life to protect!

A Tomten has a red hat, long white beard and their body shape is similar to a gnome and these things are why they are often mistaken for gnomes. They have been featured in some literature over the years such as Viktor Rydberg‘s pre-1900s poem called ‘Tomten‘ which is often read at Christmas time.

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Are gnomes evil?

No, as with people, gnomes have a wide range of personalities and emotions which can lead to some of them considered good and others bad. However, in general, they are considered to be good (as well lucky!) creatures and which humans should be happy to have around them. This is why so may people keep them in their homes and gardens.

Do gnomes ever show themselves to humans?

Yes, but only after a long period of observation of humans. Only after gnomes have determined that a specific human or group of humans poses little threat will they approach one. Once a gnome (or a group of gnomes) has determined that a human is indeed “safe,” they will cohabit with them and occasionally even help them.

Gnomes are quite intelligent. Their primary goals are to protect the environment, live long and happy lives, and love their families. They understand that the delicate balance of all living things is essential to their survival. This is why they look after the Enchanted Garden and the Nearby Forest so well.

Gnome FAQ

What does a garden gnome signify?

A garden gnome (also known as a lawn gnome) is a little humanoid figure that acts as decoration for gardens and/or lawns, usually wearing a tall, pointy red hat. The gnomes are said to keep the owner safe from evil.

Where should garden gnomes be placed?

Gnomes are a terrific way to welcome visitors to your yard. These kitschy figurines look great along garden borders or walks, but you can even bury them amid the foliage for a playful touch. To assist balance the impression of space in your hard, place your gnome in a desolate region where no vegetation grow.

Are gnomes magical?

Gnomes were sometimes supposed to have magical abilities to protect, punish, or reward people with happiness. Gnomes are also known to be keepers of hidden treasures – particularly gold!






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