It is thought that gnomes live in a few different places over the course of their history. One obvious place where they spend their time is in their owner’s yards and gardens. They have a history of bringing good luck to their owners which is a primary reason for many humans placing them in their garden as having items that are as attractive-looking and good-natured which also are known to be lucky, such as gnomes, brings a lot of comfort to humans. People like to spend a lot of time in their garden so being able to spend their time around such as lucky items means that they feel lucky too.

Gnomes are also known to be protectors of items in the garden and this is another main reason for them being in the garden. Humans place a lot of precious items in their yard such as buried treasure such as gold and silver, minerals, plants and items that they hold deal such as sports signs and furniture and with gnomes having magical abilities, they are perfect for protecting these precious items from evil.

Others Places Where They Live

They are not just found to be living in gardens, for example they like to live in burrows as they are shy creatures and enjoy spending time on their own or with their own kind.

Other places that they can be found in are meadows and woodlands amongst the hills and rocks. They also make homes amongst the trees where you can often see small doors that they use to get in and out. Trees are good for gnomes as they are suitable for storing things that they need such a potatoes, berries, grains and beans that they use for dinner. these things are paricularly useful during winter when it is more difficult to go outside due to the harsh temperatures and climate.

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