At many times of the year, people are decorate their yards with gnome statues. But why do people hate gnomes? Gnomes are really cute. I mean, they’re so tiny and adorable! It seems like everyone loves them until they get in your garden or on your lawn. They seem to be everywhere this time of year, but most people don’t want to see them anywhere else – even if it’s just for decoration!

The post is about how some people love having a garden filled with these little guys while others can’t stand the idea that there might be one within 50 feet of their home. We’ll explore all sides of the debate and see what makes each side tick – hopefully we can come up with clarity on why people do not like them.

A lot of the hate seems to come from people that play Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft so I will take a look at them in those contexts. Here are what people that play these games say about them:

“When I think of the other core races, it’s hard for me not to see them as an add-on. Of course! If given some creative freedom (think: ditching illusions and gearheads), Gnomes could easily be made into a non-core race like sprites or death loving necromancers instead.”

“I’ve always been a fan of the fairies that live in nature and have an airy, fairy-like feel. Some people don’t like these types because they only see one note tinker or animal characters; but I find those same things appealing as well– Gnomes for example aren’t just about being mystical creatures who build tools (although this does happen), instead there’s more intelligence behind them than what meets the eye!”

“It’s hard not to love gnomes, especially when they’re as cute and elusive as these little guys here. I’ve met few people who don’t like them or can easily avoid encounters with the furry Little outsiders that live under your garden shed! Despite their occasional niche appeal (and limited usefulness), I still have this soft spot in my heart for those crazy critters because you just never know what will happen next-sometimes an encounter turns into an entire adventure.”


In a nutshell, I think that the people who hate gnomes do so because they see them as purely comical characters in D&D and WoW and do not seem them as having a great deal of death. They seem them as add-on characters rather than ones that can add a large amount to their stories but when they get to know them better they see them differently.







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