Sports fans love to show off how much they adore their teams and there are many ways to do this with things like framed pictures with their favorite players in along with tickets to some of their most memorable games or by wearing the shirt of their favorite team as well as smaller things such as keyrings, mugs and caps.

However, have you ever considered getting a gnome that is dressed in the kit of your favorite team? If you’re a Seahawks fan then you can do just that!

These gnomes are in the same colors that the players wear which is a blue top, shorts and socks. The shoes that he wears are the team’s shade of green. As is tradition, the gnome has a white beard and a hat which is also blue.

Wear Should These be Placed?

There are a number of places where you could keep these lawn ornaments within the confines of your garden. For example, some fans have areas of their yard where they keep items that show off the love for their team such as signs, team-themed balls and flags.

A gnome would be a perfect addition to these types of ornaments and would fit right in as this gnome is in the Seahawks kit.

Gnomes are not just suited to the yard, although this is where they are traditionally kept, as they are ornaments they look just as good inside a house. Sports fans often have a dedicated area within their house for watching their favorite team, often referred to as a man cave, and this type of ornament would be a great addition to a Seahawks fan as it would fit in with other memorabilia.

Man caves often have a bar located within them and this would look perfect around the bar and would make for a great talking point on game night.

Reasons to Buy These

It can often be difficult to know what to get a sports fan as they will often have every piece of memorabilia related to their favorite team. One of the main attractions of this is that not many sports fans will be aware that they can buy such an item let alone will already have one.

If you are a Seahawks fan and are looking to get this gnome, one of the main attractions of this item is the quality of the paint work as it really captures the shade of blue that the Seahawks wear. Possibly the best example of this is the hat which features the Seahawks’ logo. The intricate paintwork here is extremely detailed and will make any fan proud!

Another great feature of this is the quality of the production as you can feel how much care and attention has gone into the making the ornament. It is made of resin/plastic which gives it a high quality feel.

Here is a summary of the reasons to buy this:

  • Not many fans will have one of these
  • They are funny
  • They are a great talking point
  • They look great
  • The art work is excellent
  • They are made of high quality resin/plastic
  • They look like a traditional gnome
  • This is a great way to show off your passion for the Seahawks
  • Good luck is something that gnomes are traditionally known for.

Who Are The Seahawks?

They are an NFL team that are based in Seattle, United States. Their first season in the league was 1976 and they play their home games at CenuryLink Field.

They are currently owned by the estate of Paul Allen with Jody Allen, his sister, being the executor. Paul Allen was the co-founder of software company, Microsoft, along with Bill Gates, and bought the Seattle Seahawks for $200 million in 1997 from Ken Behring and partner Ken Hofmann who had previously bought them in 1988.

What do They do at Night?

Gnomes traditionally spend their time during the day frozen which is why you do not see them moving around a garden. However, at night they spend their time doing things that are similar to what us people do such as socialising with their fellow gnomes, gathering food, fishing, joking around and eating.

They have always been placed in people’s gardens as their main job is to protect the valuable items in the yard such as buried treasure and minerals. This sports themed item will be particularly good at protecting the other memorabilia that you have on your lawn such as signs, pictures and balls.

They are also known for their ability to bring their owners good luck which, for a sports fan, is a huge thing. How often do you see sports fans doing things which they think will bring their team an extra 1% chance of winning a game? People will do things like wear the same shirt, eat the same food or have the same match-day routine in the hope that it will mean their team achieves victory.

One of the main reasons for gnomes existing is to do just that! A sports-themed one is perfect for giving your team an extra 10%.

Why are Sports Fans so Superstitious?

A major reason that they do things such as have the same routine or wear the same clothes on match-day is to feel like they have some kind of control or influence over the result for their team. Sports events are very complex as there are so many variables so doing something relatively simple that brings you comfort and if there is a random chance that it relates to the result will mean that you want to keep doing it.

Buying something that is adorned in your team’s jersey, if you are a Seahawks fan in this case, that helps you think that it will give the team even a 0.1% chance of beating their opponent is something that will be extremely tempting to every fan.

What Other Seattle Seahawks Items can I buy?

There is a huge array of memorabilia that you can buy for the team that will allow you to show off your passion for the team. So many, in fact, that the topic deserves an article for itself! These items are similar to those that you can get for any team in fact that include:

  • Hats
  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Replica jerseys
  • Mugs
  • Figurines





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