Gnomes have always had a reputation of having lots of character and a great deal of mystery about them. When they originally started to appear in stories hundreds of years ago their look was more similar to goblins than humans. However, over time, they have started to be described as more human-like in their appearance and into what we now know about them is that they wear clothing such as red jackets and pointy hats and the males sport facial hair in the form of long, white beards.

Their appearance today lends itself somewhat to comedy as their hats are rather comical-looking and their clothing could be considered rather silly too. With the fact that it is now possible to make your own products and sell around the world due to technology, many people have been making original gnome designs, often a cross between the classic look and some form of modern culture, which are very comedic in nature.

Whilst some people take gardening very seriously and wouldn’t want a comical ornament in their yard, a lot of people are more light-hearted about the matter and enjoy having jovial items that they can look at when outside relaxing and can also show off to their friends and family when they visit.

As there are so many of these that you can buy, we thought that we would feature them so that you can more easily choose the best ones for you.

What are the Prices of These?

As they are seen as novelty items that are designed to get a quick laugh and the quality of the material and paintwork is not of a premium standard, these products are rather reasonably priced. You can generally purchase them for between $15 and $30 with some slightly over this price point.

This is good value as the items are still of a decent quality and they can be used in both your home or outside. If you have not purchased a gnome before and want to see how they look in your home or garden and are looking for something that will make people laugh then this is a good option to find out how good they look in or around your lawn.

What Makes Them Funny?

Humor is obviously very subjective and the thing that makes these particular products funny varies from figure to figure however the things that they have in common are the fact they they have a funny appearance in some way. For some, it may be the clothes that they are wearing which makes people laugh and for others it may be that it’s because they have classic clothing, such as a red hat, crossed with some other clothing that we associate with a particular scene or popular culture.

Big Mouth Inc. Game of Gnomes

Game of Gnomes

The TV show, Game of Thrones, is extremely popular and has been for a number of years and this is another great example of a garden gnome figure that has the traditional features whilst crossing these with a form of popular culture.

This example has a male sitting on the famous chair from the TV show and is holding a shovel in his hands. He has the traditional red hat and white beard with black boots and red gloves. The detail on this ornament’s face and the paintwork is particularly impressive here as is the detail on the chair.

If you’re a fan of the show this is almost just worth getting for the pun: Game of Gnomes!

BigMouth Inc Go Away Garden Gnome

Go Away

The first word that sprang to mind when I first saw this ornament was: “Charming!”

This is a hilarious figure that is definitely for those that see the funny side of life and do not take offence to many things. Be mindful when considering buying this product that visitors to your yard may see this so some more sensitive visitors may take offence to this. But maybe that’s just what you want!!!

This nine inch statue has the classic red hat and long, white beard and is dressed in a green jacket, black belt and blue trousers. Footwear-wise, he is rocking some classic black boots. Perfect for protecting your garden and scaring away unwanted visitors!

The paintwork here looks to be of a decent standard and the price is extremely reasonable for a a garden gnome.

Sunnydaze Cody The Garden Gnome on The Throne Reading Phone

Reading Phone

This is a classic ornament for letting people discover whilst out exploring your yard! They certainly won’t expect to see this.

This is a great example of a classic gnome figure being crossed with a modern twist. In this case: the smartphone.

This guy has most definitely been caught with his pants down and doesn’t yet seem to realize this based on the expression on his face.

The detail and paintwork on this are decent and it should be able to withstand the outdoor elements so is suitable for use both indoors and out. It is 9.5 inches tall and weighs 1.5 pounds.

5:00 Somewhere Tropical Party

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

This is a great statue to help create a party or chill-out vibe! This comical figure is standing next to a sign that says “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” and features a gnome that is wearing an open jacket, shorts, and flip flops. He is standing next to a surf board drinking a cocktail so this could also be suitable for people that love the beach or even to be used in a bar that is next to the beach!

It is made of weather-resistant materials so can be used either inside or outside and has been painted to a good standard in bright colors. This will certainly stand out wherever you decide to place it.

Reviews of This Ornament

Compared to others within this “funny” category, it is one of the highest reviewed items which is a good sign as it means that it is popular and people are passionate enough to post their thoughts.

This has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon which is impressive and people generally seem to like it. Some of the people that have posted a review on the product page describe with statements such as “garden gnome greatness” and “good for the price” although one person did say “cute stable piece with messy paint job” so this product may not have the highest quality paint work.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Design Toscano Pancho The Mariach

Pancho the Mariachi

This figure is full of character. He is dressed in traditional mariachi outfit and also has green shoes. His hat is a great combination between mariachi and the pointy hat that a traditional gnome figure would wear. He is carrying an acoustic guitar and is rocking a white beard and black mustache.

This is a very attractive figure that will give everyone that looks at it a warm feeling as he has such as big smile and the outfit is great to look at. The paint job and the level of detail are both very good and it has been made so that it will withstand the outdoor elements. This is also more rare than the other products featured on this page and so it is unlikely that anyone else that you show it too will have seen it before.

This is suitable for a wide range of people such as those that love mariachi music or just music in general. It is also for those who maybe looking for a different style of gnome if they already have a number of them in their yard and love how much character they add.

BigMouth Inc. Sasquatch the Gnome Wrecker

Sasquatch the Gnome Wrecker

This is certainly a different style of statue that will make you laugh! This Sasquatch character here is stepping on a gnome and so this statue is definitely one for people that want to add humor and character to their garden. It is not for those that take their back yard completely seriously.

If you haven’t heard of a Sasquatch before, they are also known as “Bigfoot” and are said to be hairy, ape-style beings that walk upright and generally live in places like woods and forests where few humans dwell. They are thought to be between six and nine feet tall and to have black or dark brown hair all over their body.

This statue is a great representation of one of these creatures and the gnome is dressed in traditional red hat, blue jacket, green trousers and black boots with a white beard. He has a comical, shocked look on his face which isn’t surprising as the Sasquatch is stepping on him!

It is nine inches tall and is waterproof so is perfect for keeping outside but it is also of a suitable size where it would also make for a great indoor ornament in rooms such as a living room or office.

Magical Adventure on Unicorn Lawn Figurine

Magical Adventure Unicorn

This is the perfect lawn ornament for those people that love unicorns and adore gnomes. This quirky figure has the gnome on back of the unicorn and it looks like they are off on an adventure of some kind. Maybe to help protect your garden!

To complete this scene, there is also a tree trunk, grass and mushrooms next to our adventure-going duo which gives the ornament some context and increases the feeling of them being on the move.

There are some products within this category that you feel are similar to others that are on the market but this is certainly unique in terms of the style and creatures featured within. Due to this, it would be suitable for both people looking for their first gnome ornament and those that already have one or multiple ones in their possession.

What is a Unicorn?

This is a mythical creature that looks very similar to a white horse but has a distinguishing horn sticking out from the center of it’s head. In some cultures the horn is said to have magical or healing abilities. Some translations of the Bible even refer to a unicorn creature.


We hope that we have given you plenty of great options when it comes to choosing the right funny garden gnomes for either your own or a friend or family member’s enjoyment and laughs. There are some excellent examples of comedic creativity here and we are lucky to live in a time where we have access to such fine examples of garden-based humor.

As time goes on and new forms of popular culture are created such as new TV shows, games and movies, it will be interesting to see how people continue to mix these with the traditional look of our favorite yard-based good luck charms and protectors of our buried treasure!

if you’re looking for other funny gnomes do check out Valentines gnomes, military and zombie gnomes pages.






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