There are a wide range of gnomes on the market that you can buy and this means that it can be quite confusing as to which ones would suit you! In this guide we have narrowed down the cheap garden gnomes that are high quality and would make an excellent purchase for either yourself or someone else you know that loves them.

We like to feel like we spend quite a lot of time searching the internet for the best gnomes that you can buy and these are the ones that we feel are a high quality but can be bought at an affordable cost.

Those gnome figures are which are considered to be cheap are those ones which are under £50. For under this amount, you can find a wide range of different garden ornaments.

Who are These Suited to?

These items are suited to a large number of people as they are so versatile and you can buy such a wide range of different types. If you are new to garden gnomes and have not bought one before, then is the perfect type to try one out and see how much you like them and how they look and feel in your yard.

Even if you have gnomes in your garden then these can still be suitable for you. You may want to try out a different type, such as a novelty one like the dinosaur based one mentioned below and which we have reviewed on it’s own page, a zombie one, combat gnome or something completely different. Below in this article we have looked at a range of different types that you can get for this particular price range:

Types of Ornaments that you can get in this Cheap Price Range

Dinosaur Eating Gnomes

We have a full review and description of the dinosaur eating gnomes figure and this is one of those yard ornaments that you can buy within this cheap price range and which will really look good in your home and garden. This is a comical item that is of a good quality and is something that will stand out from other gnome based figures as well as alongside ones such as Valentines gnomes.

It also has the benefit of being quite rare in the world of garden ornaments and so having one of these will mean that you will have a real talking point in your lawn.

BigMouth Selfie Sisters

This is another comedy figure that is based on a modern phenomenon: selfies! These sisters are very much the queens of all thing selfie and they have the gnome look down to perfection. This will also make people laugh, especially younger people, and is one of the most appealing gnome ornaments that we’ve seen for younger people.

Zen Garden Gnome

This will bring a sense of calm to a an environment no matter whether it is currently messy or tidy. This would make a great accompaniment to you when you are performing yoga or meditating in your yard environment.

Like most figures, especially within this price range, it is made or polyresin which is a quality material that will withstand the elements. It is 1KG in weight, 18 cm in height, 30.5cm in length and 25.5cm wide.

Lilly and Len Sitting

Getting items which sit on various other things in your yard is particularly popular at the moment and these ornaments are extremely cute and will give your backyard a very warm and homely feel.

They have a very cute design and are in nice clothing with one in a yellow outfit and the other in sort of a dark brown. These colors work well for both autumn and summer in particular with their hats being a dark green color.

Bill and Beryl Elves Standing Rose

When I saw these two characters my immediate thought was that they look like older versions of the gnomes reviewed in the previous section, Lilly and Len. Bill is dressed in a dark green hat and trousers with a white shirt. Beryl has a white dress and dark green hat and is holding a bunch of roses which is a nice touch.

These figures are made from resin and the paint work looks impressive with the detail on the roses particularly good. On Amazon, they appear to be very popular and have a lot of top rating reviews.

Loved Up Couple Talula And Tarquin Troll

These troll figures are different from the traditional gnome ornaments in that they may not be the most attractive looking but have lots of character and the fact that they are holding each other is a cute touch and will bring a smile to anyone that looks at them.

They are made of a high quality resin and have quality paint work. They are suitable to store in both inside and outside your home as the material that they are made from an withstand the outdoor elements.

Design Toscano Axle Grease the Biker

This is perfect for the biker in your life! These gnome figure has a great look to him as he is on his bike and is dressed in all-black which includes his hat, glasses, top and black leather trousers and shoes.

In his hand he is carrying a beer bottle and all of these things combine to make a very comical looking ornament that will add a lot to your garden especially when combined with other novelty gnome items but is certainly not for those that are taking their garden ornaments too seriously!

BigMouth Inc The Angry Little Garden Gnome

We have covered combat style gnomes on another page on this website and these types are certainly priced at an affordable level compared to many traditional ornaments. For those that enjoy military style figures, this is a perfect example of a gnome figure as this character has a great expression on his face.

He is dressed in a traditional gnome outfit which makes for a great contrast to the item that he is carrying in his hands as well as the aggressive expression on his face. This will make everyone that comes across it in your lawn smile and would make for a great gift for friends and family that are interest in this genre of ornaments and figurines.

Sleeping Cat Picnic With Granny

This ornament depicts a very cute scene with various gnomes and a granny and grandfather sitting on top of a peaceful, sleeping cat. This is a great example of a family-friendly ornament that is great for both grandchildren, parents and grandparents. All of the figures are very cute-looking and just looking at this ornament will bring you a sense of calm and peace.

There is a lot going on in this scene with some excellent paintwork and great choice of colors. The listing on Amazon states that it has been handpainted and weather proofed for durability which means that you can place it both indoors and outdoors. The style of this ornament also lends itself to being in either of these environments too.

This item is particularly suited to being a gift for an older person that has grandchildren as they can show it off to young people as well as their own friends and is available at a great price too.

What is the Benefit of Having a Gnome in Your Yard?

There are a number of reasons why you should get one of these for your garden or yard. The first is that they are known to bring good luck to their owners and the yards within which they sit. It is not really known what initially caused them to be associated with bringing good luck but the fact that people believe that they have magical abilities, they are small and have the look of a supernatural creatures all adds up to the type of garden ornament that people would associate with superstition or luck.

Another reason for getting one of these is that they are also associated with being protectors of their owner’s gardens from evil. This is also due partly to their magical abilities but they have traditionally been placed in a back yard and on places like farms as a way to protect their owner’s buried treasure, minerals and plants. They must have done a good job over the years as they have continued to keep this reputation!

Another reason to get one for yourself or a friend is that they have so much character and will add a lot of charm to any environment within which they sit. When gnome creatures initially featured in stories, their look was described as more of a goblin type creature but over the years they have developed into a much more friendly, human-looking character with big smiles and even bigger beards! Their pointy hats also lend themselves to being look at fondly and they are unlike any other ornament that you can place in your garden.

They have been around for so long now that everyone knows what they are and this provides people with a certain license to add them to their collection of statues and ornaments. Visitors almost expect to see them with looking around a lawn area. Also, in more modern times, partly due to technology allowing for easier ways to sell unique items, their design has become more varied with people creating versions of them to sell based around popular culture, sports teams and at varying levels of cost as you will have seen in this article.






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