These are for those of you that have a strong sense of humor! They feature a dinosaur that is, unfortunately, eating our beloved gnomes. You have to remember that this is just a model though and not based on factual events!

One of the major plus points of this item, that you can buy on Amazon here, is that it has both dinosaurs and gnomes in it which means that it will appeal to even more people than if it just had gnomes. Many people love dinosaurs due to their rich history and that there is still so much that we do not know about them. In more modern times, dinosaurs have undergone a huge revival thanks to the ‘Jurassic’ franchise of Hollywood movies such as ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’.


These gnomes are made of cast poly resin but they still feel great and of a high quality considering the low cost that you can purchase them for. They are approximately 9 inches tall so will not take over your yard or garden and will look good surrounded by other lawn ornaments that you have such as garden gnomes and fairies.

Will They Withstand the Elements?

The fact that they are made of cast polyresin means that they will be tough against the elements that they come across in your yard or garden such as wind and rain and will maintain their high quality. They will be of a similar standard of other ornaments that you have which are within this price range.

Will This Bring Good Luck?

Many people believe that gnomes bring good luck to their owner and the yard or garden however, in this particular instance, as the dinosaur sadly eating gnomes then it it unlikely that this item will bring you luck!

However, you can always purchase some actual gnome figures to bring you some luck!

Who Are They Best Suited to?

These dinosaur and gnome figures are a great fit for people that love placing comical items in their yard or garden that enjoy making people smile. If someone is super-serious about their yard then these may not be the best fit for them as it may take away from the more serious aspects of the rest of the garden.

Whilst the dinosaur is eating gnomes, this item has been made in a comical way and is not based on real events so it may also be good for someone that has grandchildren of a certain age that will understand the humor here and will be able to laugh at it too.

Dinosaurs in Movies

Over the years, dinosaurs have featured in a wide range of famous movies and has led to them gaining a huge number of fans. The most famous movies featuring them has to be the ‘Jurassic” franchise that started with Jurassic Park and more recently the Jurassic World movies starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Other movies that have featured dinosaurs are ‘The Good Dinosaur’ in which a dinosaur is separated from his family and strikes up a friendship with a boy and they go in search of them. There is also the classic, The Land Before Time, in which a young dinosaur has to go on a journey to find other dinosaurs after his mother passes away.

These classic films, which feature dinosaurs, have raised the profile of dinosaurs around the world and encouraged people to learn more about them and to collect items that relate to them. This dinosaur eating gnomes ornament is another item that would be perfect for the dinosaur movie fan and is something that either yourself or the dinosaur fan in your life would appreciate.

It is also something that they are likely to not have as they may not yet know that it exists and is quite a rare item compared to many dinosaur collectibles that people buy.

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