Gnome ornaments that you can get for your garden are usually around the 9 inches mark however sometimes you want a large gnome statue in your yard that really stands out and shows how much you like them.

Due to this, we have decided to feature the best large garden gnome statues that you can buy.

Travelling Mr Gnome On Giant Turtle

Size Dimensions: 17.25″ Long, 15″ Tall, 9.5″ Deep

Gnome on Turtle

This ornament is of a high quality, as you can see from the image, and the level of detail on both “Mr Gnome” and the turtle on which he sits is extremely impressive. The idea to have Mr Gnome riding on the back of the turtle is very creative and not something that I have seen before. The fact that they both look to be on an adventure is extremely cute and is perfect for looking at as you sit in your yard and dream of your own next big adventure.

You would be excused for thinking the turtle here is real! This is because the design is so well-done that is is easy to be convinced that it is an actual turtle and to be startled that a gnome is on top of it. You may even find yourself getting a close-up view to make sure that the turtle is not real!

This has some excellent reviews on Amazon too which isn’t surprising and you may find that this ornament is not always in stock so, if you see that it is available, you should snap it up before it is out of stock again.

Sunnydaze Garden Gnome Adam The Playful with Butterfly

Size Dimensions: 5.5″ Wide, 14″ Tall, 6.5″ Deep

Gnome With Butterfly

This is a cute gnome design that the makers have called Adam and, you may have seen from the title above or the photo, that he has a small butterfly resting on his left hand.

This gnome is made from a resin material and is of a high quality with the paintwork being particularly impressive on this figure with small details such as the butterfly, beard and facial features being very well done. As you can also see from the photo, Adam is sitting on a mushroom in a playful pose which gives this ornament a fun and friendly feel.

The makers of this item have mentioned on their listing that Adam should be taken inside when you are expecting freezing conditions outside to prevent him from being damaged by such cold temperatures.

Joseph Studio 65900 Tall Gnome Garden Statue, 12-Inch

Gnome With Sunflower

This is another design that will melt the heart of anyone that looks upon it as he has flowers attached to his red hat and is also holding a flower in his right hand. The colors used here are classic with a green coat, white beard, blue trousers and brown boots. This means that it would work anywhere in the yard or inside your home.

The paintwork on this ornament is good with some of the reviews noting the level of details as being high however someone did mention that they kept him outside in some more hard conditions and this did wear away the paint a little.

Design Toscano Loonie Moonie

Loonie Moonie

This tall gnome is rather rude! As you can see from the photo, he is pulling a slightly inappropriate pose which may put some of you off but others will laugh at this. As it is 12 inches tall, there is certainly nothing subtle here so this is for those of you that like a laugh and don’t mind others seeing this in the outside areas of your home too.

The design and paintwork of this is of a decent standard with the gnome character wearing a red hat, red coat, a white beard, blue trousers and black boots. He also has a blue bird on top of him.

This is made of a polyresin material so is suitable for both inside and outside and shouldn’t wear away too much in more harsh wintry conditions. This is one of the most comical, large gnomes that we have seen so is likely to sell a lot so is worth you getting if you are into this kind of thing and it is in stock.

Design Toscano Sunflower Sammy Birdfeeder

Sunflower Sammie

This 11 inch figure is not only a large gnome ornament but can also be used as a bird feeder! This is an excellent design with the gnome holding out a flower within which you can place bird food and the level of detail across the whole of this item is of a high standard compared to others in this range.

He is wearing the classic red hat, with a light blue coat, brown trousers and dark boots which curl up at the end. This ornament has little details such as the boots that curl which make this a particularly impressive product and will stand out wherever you place it.

It is made of polyresin which is suitable for both indoors and out and will stay looking good for a long time even if kept outside.

Sunnydaze Marty The Mushroom

Marty The Mushroom

This is an adorable item that people will love to see at your property as his face is extremely friendly and has been painted in high detail. He is carrying a big mushroom in his right arm and has a big, red hat with white beard, great jacket, black belt, green trousers and black boots. The platform on which he stands is also impressive as it is decorated with grass, flowers and mushrooms which help to give the feel that he is in an outdoor environment and possibly on some exciting form of adventure.

This is made of heavy-duty resin however the makers do state that it should be brought inside when there is freezing weather outdoors. This would be suitable to being kept indoors permanently too though such as on a shelf or used as a table decoration.

Reasons to Buy One of These

If you are looking for something different to other gnomes that you already own then one of these could be the perfect option as they are less common as the standard, 9 inch statues that are most commonly available for purchase.

If you haven’t bought any gnomes before, then this would also make a great option for your first as you will get a great example of how it looks in your outdoor area without it being to subtle that you wouldn’t necessarily notice it. They will also look great alongside other types of ornaments such as Valentines gnomes.

These also make for a great talking point when showing people around your lawn area as they stand out so much that visitors will not be able to resist referring to these…especially some of the more quirky ones!


These are a great way of having something in your outdoor area that really stands out as they are big in size and even larger in character! If you are looking to add something either to your yard or indoor environment then we hope that we have provided you with a number of interesting choices. Maybe you haven’t bought one of this size before and are looking to make your first purchase of a large gnome. These would also be suitable in this scenario as they are not too expensive compared to others that you can buy.

You should also remember that it is important to take care of these types of gnomes on a regular basis as, particularly when outside, the environment can have an effect on the paintwork so clean them regularly and take them inside when there are freezing temperatures outdoors. If you do those things then these could be with you for many years in the future!






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