Spring and Easter are one of the best times of the year with the weather changing, the days getting longer and the ability to get into your garden or yard more often. You may be planting flowers or generally just looking to improve your garden and one of the best ways to freshen things up are to buy some lovely spring and Easter gnomes! For that reason, we have listed some of the best ones that you can buy below:

Large Easter Gnomes

2Pcs Easter Gnomes

2Pcs Easter Gnomes

1TOMTE Easter Gonks

1TOMTE Easter Gonks

SmileWay 2Pcs Spring Bunny Gnomes

SmileWay 2Pcs Spring Bunny Gnomes

Adarl Easter Wooden Table Signs

Set of 3 Girl Room Decor

Mr and Mrs Scandinavian Tomte

Skylety 2 Pieces Tomte

Spring Easter Decorations

Plush Easter Gnomes

Handmade Spring Easter Gnomes

Handmade Spring Easter Gnomes

Easter Tomte

Easter Tomte

Easter Bunny Gnomes

Funoasis Easter Bunny

Bunny Spring Gnomes with LED Light

Bunny Spring Gnomes with LED Light

Easter Gnome FAQ

Why are there gnomes on Easter?

The gnome is a cute little being that guards “precious treasures hidden in the earth,” which could be why we see them at garden centers and on roofs around homes. They’re also connected more so with Christmas as an American holiday symbolizing good luck and prosperity – not just for those celebrating but anyone who wants some extra charm!

What do gnomes have to do with Easter?

The history of the gnome is an interesting one. They’re known as Nisse in Norway, where they help care for farmers and their families by providing protection from evil spirits! If you want your kids to have some extra fun this easter season try out these cute little figures –you’ll be glad yourself once those memories start flooding back.

Why are gnomes so popular?

They are seen as being lucky and able to protect things with their magical powers so people feel safer having them around. This, combined with the fact that they are so versatile and look great in a variety of settings and made in lots of ways, ornaments and plush toys, means that people naturally love to decorate with them.

When did the gnome trend start?

Garden gnomes have been a fixture in gardens since the 17th century, when they first appeared as decorations. They’re not just trendy anymore either-they’ve become an essential part of any well maintained property all around world!

What are Easter Gonks?

Gonks are white-bearded creatures who protect the household. But, there is a new tribe in town and they’re taking on Easter celebrations! They look like gnomes but their eyes are hidden from view and they are becoming more popular at Easter and Christmas as decorations.

This is how you can make your very own Easter gnome:

  1. Cut out your patterns

  2. Use hot glue to attach kebab skewers onto ears.

  3. Fill the DIY Easter gnome sock with stuffing

  4. Glu on parts like eyes

  5. Add an extra felt band under each side of its head

  6. Put everything together by positioning them correctly






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