Gnomes seem like a great fit for making memes out of as they have a comical look by their very nature and they turn up in the most random of places. In recent years, there have been some famous memes that have gone viral around the internet which feature our favorite little people.

What is the Gnome Meme Called? You’ve been Gnomed Meme, Noggin Clontith

Many of us have seen the ‘You’ve been Gnomed’ meme, most probably on YouTube, as it is the most famous gnome meme on the internet. It features a small, computer-animated gnome that taunts the viewer and further ends by saying “You’ve been gnomed’. The gnome, referred to as “Noggin Clontith” jumps around the video, firstly laughing hysterically, and saying the following;

“Hello me old chum! I’m g’not a gn’elf, I’m g’not a g’n’oblin, I’m a gn’ome, and you’ve been gnomed!”

Noggin Gnome | Surreal Memes Wiki | Fandom

Who Made the Gnome Meme?

Noggin Clontith is believed to have been a creation of YouTuber “angie8051” in 2005 as a way to help raise funds for a village pond in Warwickshire, England. The video (Uploaded on 7 Mar 2010) has amassed over 14 million views and 344k likes since it’s upload date.

It has received such a large number of views as it was shared on the subreddit, /r/DeepIntoYouTube, by Redditor “Rolfy” who submitted the video into . This took the attention of many people from around the world, went viral, and thus it became the meme we all know and love today. It also became a “copypasta” which refers to something that is is copied and pasted across various forums, websites and social media across the internet. It later gained more popularity after being posted in the subreddit, YoutubeHaiku.

What does it Mean to get Gnomed?

This is when someone is baited into expecting to click on a link to something interesting but are instead taken to the You’ve Been Gnomed video. Similar to the “Rick Roll” phenomenon.

Gnome Child Meme

Gnome Child

The gnome child meme is another gnome inspired meme that has been circulating the internet recently. Gnome child is a character originally from RuneScape that has gained its reputation for providing strange quotes to the player.

The Gnome child meme’s popularity occurred when Redditor CheesyDude posted a photoshopped image of the RuneScape character wearing the Gnome Child on his head, where it gained its popularity.

Tumblr also had a piece of the Gnome child meme action, where use Mirakurutaimu uploaded a photo of Gnome child, along with an audio clip of the Halo killstreak announcer saying the word “Slayer”. Following this post, many other users climbed to the challenge of finding ways to make the Gnome child meme prosper, using other hashtags and images revolving around the hashtag, #slayer.

David the Gnome Meme

David the Gnome is another gnome that has originated peacefully, but has been turned into a meme that is frequently used around the world today. David the Gnome is a protagonist character that featured in the 1987 Spanish animation “The World of David the Gnome”. The most common images and phrases you will have seen of David the Gnome involve him staring angrily at something, with his fists clenched and upright as if he was to attack someone. In the animation series, this is all-natural, however this wouldn’t be a meme without some added text

Common phrases from David the Gnome memes include;

  • I will slap your sh**
  • How about I rustle your Jimmies
  • I am a Motherf***er

David the gnome has some other names, such as ‘Angry Gnome’ which you can see from his characteristics.

What are Memes?

Memes are now very much part of popular culture and people use the word extremely freely these days and they are a way of spreading some kind of idea or behaviour, usually via a form of media which most commonly comes in the form of an image with text laid on top of it. They are always evolving and now commonly take the form of videos or gifs and generally spread around the internet through social media of forums such as Reddit.

Is Gnomed a Word?

Yes, it means to be haunted or occupied by a gnome. Yes, really.

Who Created the Gnome?

The person credited with first coining the term ‘gnome’ was Paracelsus in the 16th century who was a Swiss physician who was also seen as a prophet. The term was then used by various fiction writers and quickly spread through to society. We have a full guide on the history of gnomes here.

Are They Good Luck?

Many people put them in their yard as they are indeed thought of as being symbols of good luck. People think that they will protect various things in their garden such as treasure, vegetables, fruit, minerals and animals that live and spend time there.

Are They Evil?

This question seems to have cropped in up recent year maybe as people have made various images and stories published online which portrays them as evil but the answer to this is no.

Is Gnome a Scrabble Word?

Yes, you can use the word ‘Gnome’ in Scrabble. Find out more, such as how many points they are worth, here.






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