As you are on this website it is likely that you will have some kind of passion or interest in garden gnomes and probably have some in your yard or home already. Due to this, you may be looking for additional items that you can purchase which will make your gnomes happy or things that will make the garden look even better or to generally tidy up how they are arranged in their space.

Gnome houses are a great way of doing all of these things as they have a warm, happy feel to them which will be a great fit for most garden gnome ornaments who usually have a bright smile on their face to welcome visitors. These gnomes will increase the warmth that is brought by them and give people more things to look at.

They also allow you to be creative with how your items are arranged in your yard as well as the whole scene and how the items interact with the home and how all of this looks in the context of your whole garden. You can arrange them to be inside the home or they could be working in your yard with the gnome home in the background, for example.

What type of houses can you buy?

Sellers of these houses can be very creative with the type of designs that they sell and some of them can look spectacular and make a wonderful addition to your yard.

The most common style that you will find is that which looks like a cross between a tree and a house which means that it would look splendid anywhere near a tree as the color and shape would very much compliment it. They are usually brown with other colors that fit this this aesthetic such as green and red. Many of them aren’t particularly tall which means that you can fit a number of items in them if you want to store them somewhere or you can place your garden gnome ornaments around them to add to the scene.

Another style of design that you may also see is a tree stump which has a door and window on it which pretends like there used to be ab tree there but a gnome has used the stump to create their residence there. These look very cozy and are a great way to add somebody interest to an area of your garden which may look a little bare.

Another common feature that these houses have is a wooden slanted roof sorry of in the shape of a triangle. These add a lot to the character of these houses and often have a lot of detail and are usually in a shade of brown.

The designers of these homes often add other, smaller features to make them more interesting and to increase the amount of variety in their design. Types of things that they would add include large mushrooms, flowers and grass.

Something else that is increasingly added to these is lighting (check out some amazing gnomes with lights here on Amazon). They usually use solar technology which is ideal as it means that you do not have to find a power source for them and provides more flexibility in terms of where they can be placed. Lighting adds a great deal to the look and feel as it can compliments and makes the items even more cozy-looking. At night, the light is more effective and really makes for a great scene especially if you have a number of lit of houses. It can look like a little town in your back yard.

How much do they cost?

These items are generally very reasonably priced considering how much variety and interest they add to a garden and you will generally find them between $10 and $40.

However, if you are looking for one that is particularly rare or large then you may need to pay more than this.

Building Your Own Gnome Tree House

An alternative to buying one of these items for your garden is to build one for yourself by buying the parts need to construct them from a local hardware store or one of the many online shops that supply them.

Why Build Your Own One?

This could be a fun project for yourself and/or alongside someone else, perhaps one of your children as you would both learn a great deal and it would be a fantastic way to bond with them.

They are an excellent way for you and the people that you make them with to express yourselves and exercise your creativity. There are no limits with what you can do with these only those that you impose on yourself and with the internet you can get inspired as well as share your creations with others.

With all of the temptations and forms of entertainment that require a family to be indoors, working on these are a great excuse to be outside and to make something which integrates with the natural environment outdoors which is both fascinating and educational.

Learning About Myths and Legends

Working on something such as a gnome house will help you to learn more about these types of creatures from the myths and legends that they are featured in as well as similar types of creatures such as fairies, elves and unicorns which can often be particularly appealing to children. It is common for adults to not know much about the history of these (something that you can also learn about here!) so it will not only be a fab bonding experience but also an educational one.






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