Gnomes are thought to reach adulthood at a similar time to humans and are expected to have settled down in their 30s or by 40 and will live to reach between 350 and 500 years with the most likely age that they will pass away being 400.

It is not known exactly why they live so long by gnomes are thought to have magical powers and this is surely an element to it.

Does Their Diet Help Them Live This Long?

There is no concrete evidence however gnomes have a vegetarian diet and some of their food that they love to eat includes things that they will typically find in nature such as nuts, berries, peas, beans, spices, potatoes, mushrooms and obviously vegetables. They enjoy flavorsome drinks such as fermented raspberry juice, fermented honey and spiced gin.

How They Spend Their Later Years

Like humans, they like to spend their later years relaxing and doing the things that they most enjoy such as fishing, sitting in gardens and enjoying the atmosphere and being around their family. Gnomes work hard during their lives protecting gardens and doing things to keep them maintained so when they get older they need to relax. The fact that they live for so long also contributes to their later tiredness.

They Help Family

They are family oriented so when they reach their later lives they have younger relatives- that they can pass on wisdom and life lessons to which keeps long-lasting traditions alive and their way of life will continue to be as rich as it ever was.

As there are many different types of gnomes, which is increasing as time goes on and people have new ideas for ones that they would like to have protecting their gardens and bringing them good luck, there is new types of wisdom to pass on.

For example, some gnomes spend a great deal of their time fishing in local ponds and rivers which means that they become experts in the craft. Having younger relatives means that they are able to pass on a great deal of knowledge of fishing which is not just a source of food but also an excellent way of gnomes to socialise and discuss the issues of the day.

Teachers of Magic

It is a common thought that they possess magical abilities and this is another form of knowledge that they use their long lives to both use and teach to others in their social group. It is thought that their magical abilities allows them to manipulate nature to help protect Earth and so this is not something that anyone can do easily. The fact that they can live for up to 500 years means that they have time to dedicate to perfecting the craft and giving lessons to others.






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