One of the hobbies that is most associated with gnomes is fishing as they spend a lot of time in their nature and this is one of the most common things that people can do here.

Take a look at some of the best ones below:

Ziggy the Sitter

This is a very cute gnome (you can buy it on Amazon here) where, as you can see, the figure is sitting with a rod and has just caught a fish that is on the end of his line.

The detail on his clothing is great here as you can see that he is in gnome-related clothing but it has been adapted to be suitable for fishing. For example, you can see that he has fishing items in his green hat and the jacket has traditional fishing pockets for the equipment that he needs to catch fish.

Gone Fishing

This guy (check out the latest price here!) is in the middle of the biggest catch of his life and he is determined not to let him get away! This is a lovely looking item with the gnome dressed with a red hat, green top and blue trousers. He is holding a fishing rod and there is a water feature below him and he is sitting on a mushroom. There are also other details in this scene such as various animals and a fish on his left leg.

Locomotion Solar Light Statue

What could be better than a fishing gnome that is also a solar light?! Check out the latest price of this amazing item here.

I love the quality of this item and how he is sitting on his mushroom chair and struggling with his latest catch. This is slightly smaller than the average item so please be aware of this when buying but the reviews of it are extremely popular too.

Set of 2 Fairy Gnomes

This pair of gnomes are create a lovely little scene with one of them hard at work digging and the other is working hard to find them some dinner by fishing. Check out the latest price of them and buy them on Amazon here.

The detail on these items is impressive and please note that they are small at 4cm in height and 2cm in width.


This is a very impressive ornament that has great detail and the fisherman is dressed in nice-looking fishing clothing that also looks suitable for a gnome. He has a red hat, brown jacket, green shirt and brown trousers. This item stands at 8.5 inches tall. Take a look and buy this item on Amazon here.

How much do they cost?

As these are rather common there are a number of options when it comes to buying so you can get one whatever your budget is. The most likely cost for one of these is between $10 and $50 and for this price range you can expect to get a plastic one of the most common size of around 8 inches.

What colors can I buy them in?

As you would expect from an ornament that often includes water (not all though!), these would involve quite a lot of blue. In terms of other colors, you can expect these ornament styles to have the usual ones so often a red hat, green top, brown trousers and black shoes.

Where should I place them?

If you have a pond or any kind of water feature in your yard or garden then this would be the perfect place to put them if a water feature is not part of the ornament. If they have a fishing rod and a water feature is part of the ornament then they are suitable to be placed anywhere outdoors.

Not all of them have the water feature/pond though so these are great for placing next to your own water feature so that it looks like they are fishing in there.

Due to their water based hobby, these are one of the scenes that are probably not particular suited to being placed inside.

Where can I get them?

Probably the easiest place is online and there are a number of options on Amazon. If you are looking for one that it is rare and/or niche then you may find it on eBay although for this type of item it is likely that you will spend mor me than the average cost.

Who are they suited to?

These are great for both people who do not have gnomes in their collection currently as well as those that are looking to add more variety to the existing ornaments that they have in their yard.







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