The world of Disney is well suited to garden gnome ornaments as it has many characters in its various movies that share physical features and personality traits. This means that turning them into these yard items is not a huge leap and the end result is something that still looks similar to the original character’s look and also resembles our favorite garden ornaments.

Here is our round-up on the best Disney yard gnome ornaments that you can buy today:


There are a number of items that you can buy which are based around Disney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse.

For example, there is this solar LED lighted lantern figure which features Mickey standing on some grass with the word “Welcome” on it whilst holding a lantern. This would make any backyard feel extra cozy and welcoming. The quality of the work here is good and the design is very creative. This would make for a great gift for any fan of Disney or pop culture in general.

This is more of a general status scene with Mickey sitting on a garden fence with his legs dangling over them and he has a warm smile on his face. Again, this is a quality product that is perfect for those looking to make their garden have that Disney feel.

Miniature Garden Set

This miniature statuaries set is perfect for people who are starting their collection and want to see how they look in their yard. It consists of a mickey figure as well as other garden items such as a bird bath, watering can and welcome statue. This is perfect for children and adults alike.

Seven Dwarfs

It makes sense that there gnome ornaments based around these classic characters from Snow White. They have a similar look and feel to them with some of the characters having similar personality characteristics too. It is not a huge stretch to turn them into gnomes and makes them a good fit for a yard or garden. My favorite is this one which features Dopey on a swing and is only around 7 inches tall but is very well made. Another excellent item that you can buy on Amazon is this 7 dwarf collection and they stand around 35cm tall and really have that Disney look and feel about them.

Who Should Buy These?

If you are a big fan of Disney films and it’s various other stories then you will love these either in your yard or inside your home. The quality that most of these have been built to is impressive and they will last years and are a great way to show off your passion for any of their stories and the brand in general.

Many people are now starting to collect gnomes that are based on characters on movies and so these will make the perfect addition to people who do that but haven’t for whatever reason purchased some Disney ones yet. The most difficult decision is which one should you get first?!

Where Should you Place These?

As there are many options within this style of gnome it means that you can place them in many places; both inside and outside of your home. One idea, if you are placing them outside is that you could have a Disney gnome area where you have lots of these and could theme it by placing them around other Disney garden ornaments such as houses and other items that create a magical feel that you usually get when watching one of their movies or by going to places such as Disney World.

How Much do They Cost?

These can be bought from many different places which means that there are lots of options when it comes to the question of price. If you shop around it is likely that you can get one for $15, maybe even less, and this will be good for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for something of a higher quality that will last for a long time then you may need to look at spending over $50.

For those of you looking for something that is rare, perhaps not being made and sold as new any more, then the cost can run into the hundreds if not higher but it means you will have an item for your collection that is unique and you can show off to lots of people.

Where you can buy These

As there are so many of them on the market you have plenty of choice when it comes to actually getting one. The most convenient place online is Amazon as they have the biggest range of sellers which then leads to it having the most items. If you are looking for a Disney gnome which is more rare then eBay is a great option as people may list items that they bought years ago and so are no longer on the market to buy in a brand new condition.

You can also get these in well known brick and mortar stores such as Walmart which is extremely convenient if you are going there to buy other things anyway and you are likely to get them at the lower end of the price bracket in these types of stores.

Why I Picked These

When deciding which items to include in this list I had a range of criteria that included the quality of the product and so how good it looks as well as how long it would likely last you. There is no point in buying a cheap item if it will only last a few months!

When deciding on the items to recommend, I have taken into account the different budgets that people will have and the different levels of quality that people like. I appreciate that some people will want to keep their ornaments for many years and others less so.

Why you can Trust me and These Reviews

I wrote all of the articles on this website! But, seriously, I have spent around six hours researching these online and looking at them in the Disney Shop which enabled me to get a close-up look and feel to determine the type of quality that you would get from many of these items. Obviously, I haven’t been able to see them all in person but have spent plenty of time looking at gnomes of all types and feel that this has give me a good depth of knowledge from which I can make good recommendations.






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