Gnomes have a strong history of being the bringers of good luck and are also used to protect the items that are stored in the yard such a buried treasure, minerals and plants so part of what gnomes do at night relates to this.

Gnomes at Night

Gnomes, like humans, are social creatures so they also spend time at night with each other chatting, telling stories and they have an active sense of humor so joke with each other when they can.

They Spend Some of Their Time Cooking and Eating

They also eat at night so spend some of their time gathering things to have for their meals and cooking. This is a team event where they all work together and it is a time for them to bond and tell stories. Some of the gnomes are better than others at cooking so will take the lead where others will do the cleaning afterwards.

During the Day

During the day, they spend their time frozen which is why that humans do not see them walking around and tending to their day-to-day business which is what they instead do at night.

You may have seen that some gnomes during the day have a fishing rod with them so, at night, they will spend their time fishing at nearby rivers which they will use for mealtime. Some gnomes just like to relax by the river with a fishing rod and don’t mind if they do not catch any fish.

They Have Lots in Common With Humans

As you can see, gnomes have a lot in common with humans as they are social creatures and like to spend their time with other gnomes socialising and generally enjoying themselves when they have done their work.

They have a great sense of humor which is another likeness that they have with us and enjoy getting together to tell and listen to stories whilst they protect the items in the owner’s garden and generally bring good luck to them.

Why Don’t I See Them Move?

The reason for this is that they only move at night so during the day they stay frozen as there are humans around. Some people have claimed to have seen them moving during the day and there are even videos of these claims on YouTube but there is no concrete evidence?

Have you seen any moving? Let us know!






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