Gnomes have rather an interesting origin story. Gnome-like figures were originally seen in Germany in the 1800s and these terracotta gnome figures were taken from there to the United Kingdom in the mid-1800s by Sir Charles Isham who used them in his garden.

Word of these gnomes spread across the UK and around Europe and the fact that they are attractive looking figures along with being credited as being lucky and had the ability to protect valuable items in a yard, such as buried treasure and minerals, from evil that they popularity soared.

They were taken to the United States and, again, there charming nature meant that they were welcomed with open arms and the fact that people in the USA adore their yards and lawns meant that they very much enjoyed having such lucky and protective items around.

When Were They Attributed With Being Lucky?

It is not know when or why exactly gnomes were seen as being lucky over the course of their history. It may be just something that people have based on how they look or the fact that they are placed in people’s yards. Items of this type are often seen as being lucky things to have around as they bring comfort to their owners.

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