What is the fear of garden gnomes?

Gnomophobia is a phobia in which a person is terrified of the thought of seeing a gnome or gnome like creature. It is common in eastern European countries such as the Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East. Of course, there is no evidence of gnomes or gnome like creatures in folklore in any of those countries. The only place that is noted for this is Russia, and it’s difficult to say why. The first and most obvious reason is that Russians associate gnomes with the Slavic god Odin. This means that people who are terrified of gnomes in general would be terrified of Odin. However, there are other theories. A widely accepted one is that it has to do with money.

Why are people afraid of garden gnomes?

Are garden gnomes out to get you? Well, there are a couple of explanations for this. One reason is that you are fearful of them because they are cute, cuddly, and harmless. Many people love cuddly animals and tend to be easily afraid of anything small or inanimate. It’s as if you suddenly start feeling uncomfortable around a kitten or a gerbil, and no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, you can’t get over that discomfort. While this idea may work in some circumstances, it doesn’t work as well with garden gnomes. Gnomes aren’t harmless. They come from the mischievous “gnome-family”, an insect-like species that is known to be irritable, cunning and hellbent on trapping unsuspecting humans and preying on them.

How do you cure a fear of garden gnomes?

Apparently you don’t really have a cure for this one. However, you can choose to face the fear by actually spending time around them or looking at them from a distance and so on. It’s a lot better to face your fears than trying to cover them up or make them go away by the power of the mind. Also, it’s worth pointing out that gnome fear might be a fairly normal one, particularly if it comes about from your own garden. You know what you are up against there, so to all my fellow garden gnome freaks out there, let’s get through this fear together, shall we? These are just a few of the reasons why you are afraid of certain things or situations.

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