Yoda is the legendary character from the Star Wars movies and, as he is such as popular one I thought that I would make make a page dedicated to Yoda garden gnomes and ornaments for you all.

I have been looking for Star Wars gnomes for a while and there is a limited selection. Star Wars is usually great for releasing merchandise related to that universe but, for some release, they do not appear to have released any official garden gnomes. However, there are places online that sell unofficial ones and I have written a general article on Star Wars gnomes here.

However, there are a number of general yard ornaments that you can buy so here are some of the best ones that I have come across:

Stone Concrete Head Wall Plaque

I really like the attention to detail and quality of this ornament. You can see that lots of care has been taken to carefully recreate Yoda’s signature facial features and would be perfect for a Star Wars fan to place in their garden. It is handmade, comes with a hanging hook and has added frost protection. The reviews on the Etsy page are positive as well as they say things such as “Amazing thank you and packaging was perfect too!”, “We are so happy with our order! It is really nice and high quality.” and “Absolutely fantastic! Looks incredible, top quality. Packed really well and delivered quickly, great seller communication”.

You can check it out on Etsy here.

Concrete Mini Figures

Yoda is featured in this cute collection of concrete mini-figures that you can buy over at Etsy. The other characters in this set are Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3PO andBB-8.

Yoda Planter

I love the shade of green that is used on this planter as it really shows off the level of detail in the contours of his face and highlights how much character it has. I thought that fans of the movies would really appreciate this and it is a little different to the other Star Wars ornaments that you can buy. It would make a great ornament to use either indoors or outdoors and being able to plant flowers in a Star Wars ornament will be a dream come true for many of you!

Check this out on Etsy here.






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