There are a number of gnomes and garden ornaments that you can buy which are based around the theme of movies and with Star Wars being one of the most popular movie series’ of all time, it makes sense that there would be lots of gnomes based around it.

Due to this, we have decided to give you a round-up of the best ones on the market that you can buy today:


One place where you can get these is Etsy, which is a platform that allows individual makers of craft items around the world, to sell them online and so reach buyers around the world. This means that it is a great place to find unique items that are inspired by things such as movies with Star Wars being one of the most popular.

For example, you can get this excellent Darth Vader item, which is hand painted and also features a cape made from a waterproof canvas material and looks fantastic and really adds a lot to the item. The maker says that they painted this with acrylics then finish them off with sealer and varnish.

The same talented crafter also has items based around Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, Darth Maul and a Stormtrooper.

If you’re looking for something which is more like a traditional gnome but still has the movie’s influence, then maybe this adorable hand made item which will make you smile and will look great in any person’s back yard or inside their home. It features a pointy hat (more on the meaning of them here!) which has Stormtrooper graphics on it and the figures has the classic beard, blue trousers and black shoes.

These figures, from a different maker, are similar in their look but have slightly different hats and graphics on them. There are some in this style which feature the characters of Darth Vader on the hat as well as Yoda.

If you want a general browse of the various options on Etsy you can find them here.

Garden Signs & Plaques

There are garden signs that you can get which show off your love of this great movie franchise as they contain some of the most famous phrased from it. For example, you can get these “May the Force be With you“, “Jedi Knight Lives Here” and “Beware of the Jedi” garden plaques from Amazon.

There are also a number of other signs that you hang up in your garden which are great for different types of yards and which each with their individual styles. You can get this pub style plaque that features two stormtroopers that appear to be helping to give an eye test with the words “Rebel scum! We hate you, Luke Skywalker. And the wookie too.” which fans of the movies will get instantly. Check out the latest price for this item on Amazon here.

Pub style plaque that would be great in your outdoor building

There are lots of tin signs that looks great in a yard or inside your home too and many of these are text based and feature various phrases and references that fans of the franchise will instantly recognise. One of my favourites is one that you can buy on Amazon here. Check out the photo below:

Who are These Items for?

The obvious answer to this is fans of the Star Wars fans but they could also be for general movie fans as this series is so iconic that it would be a great addition to any fan’s gnome collection.

As the series is so popular it would make for an excellent gift for many people as they will recognise the characters and theme. Now is a good time to buy one too due to the recent trilogy and upcoming TV shows and movies.

How Much do They Cost?

As there are a number of options within this theme of gnomes it means that you can buy them at various different prices depending on the quality of product and rarity that you want. They can be bought for as low as $10 from places such as Amazon and eBay but can go into the hundreds if you are looking for one that is super rare and of a quality that looks top notch and will last for many years

Where can I get These?

If you are looking for one that is one a lower quality and for a cheap cost then online stores such as Amazon and eBay are a good place. You can also get cheaper ones at supermarkets and other stores that sell items for your garden.

As well as selling items in the cheaper bracket, eBay can also be a good place to find rare ones as people may have had something in their Star Wars collection that they are looking to get rid of and these are likely to be the ones that were never sold in great quantities and which may no longer be sold in the most popular outlets.

Comic cons are another place where you may be able to find these. Whilst conventions are often a place where you can buy items for your yard or garden, you may stumble across some here.

Where Should I Place These?

In general, I think that the best place for these is in your yard or garden as that is the natural fit for them traditionally as the look and feel of them matches nature and has done for many years. However, as these are based around Star Wars they will also look great indoors, perhaps surrounded by other merchandise from the great movie franchise. It is becoming more common to have gnome collections inside and you could add this type of gnome to this if you are one of these people.

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What is Star Wars?

It is a movie “space western” set “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” with the first movie, “A New Hope” released in 1977 and was written and directed by George Lucas. It was a huge success and made into a trilogy. There were some soon offs for the next 10/25 years then in 1999 a prequel trilogy began starting with The Phantom Menace. In the 2010s, Disney acquired George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm and set out to make another Star Wars trilogy which continued the story from the original and prequel trilogies. Check out our guide on Disney garden gnomes here!

Why you Should Trust my Reviews of These

I have spent many hours researching these Star Wars garden gnome ornaments across the internet to make sure that I can present you with the best ones. I have checked various websites as this is the best place to find them as they are quite niche and there aren’t official ones which means that you won’t find them in big name stores. I am also a huge Star Wars fan having grown up watching the movies many times as a child and playing various video games set in the universe. I have also bought a great deal of merchandise relating to it so believe that I tell the good ones from the bad ones.

What Should you Read Next?

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