Unless you have been hiding a rock for the past couple of years, you will know who ‘Baby Yoda’ is. With his likeness to the legendary character from the Star Wars series, Yoda, he has been given the aforementioned nickname after people saw him in the Disney TV show, The Mandalorian. But, that is not actually his real name. We actually found out in season two that his name is actually Grogu.

The popularity of this show is huge and the amount of fondness given to this little green character has been nothing short of immense and, as with all things Star Wars, there is a clamour to get hold of every form of merch relating to it.

Here are the great baby gnome garden ornaments that you can buy:

Concrete Garden Ornament

I love the amount of detail that has gone into this item and it will look great into any Star Wars fan’s yard and it even has the Star Wars logo on the stand. It really does look like the character from The Mandalorian and it is so realistic that I expect him to start walking around! I can see this working extremely well in a garden where it is surrounded by an array of plants and flowers, maybe even a lovely tree next to it! I think that this would also look great with other Star Wars items next to it and we have a general article that you can read about other ones here.

Check this out on Etsy here.

Plant Pot

I have a good plant pot and you can’t beat one that has something Star Wars related to it. I love the shade of green used here as it really tied in with the Baby Yoda theme and makes it all pop. I love the style of illustration here and the person behind it is obviously a very talented artist.

Something else that you should remember is that plant pots are extremely versatile and will work just as well inside your home as well as in your yard. They are also well protected against the harsher weather elements.

Check this out on Etsy here.


I love how creative people are on Etsy and this is an excellent Star Wars related product that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the internet. This would look great in anyone’s garden and is not something that you would find in a store such as Walmart. Considering how difficult detail with silhouette ornaments the level of detail on show here is very impressive. I like how they have

You can buy this at Etsy here!

Another Planter!

I love how this ornament captures the essence of Baby Yoda from the TV show. I also thought that the natural colour here would make it flexible enough to work in anyone’s garden or even within their home.

See the latest price of this price at Etsy here.

Why is Baby Yoda so Popular?

I think it is the combination of the nostalgia for Master Yoda in the original Star Wars movies, the fact that he is a cute baby and the TV show, The Mandalorian, is such as well-made series. The different characters in the Star Wars movies are one of the main features that people really enjoy as they are so varied and interesting. Grogu is a great addition to this as, we have only had one character like Yoda so far, I do not believe that his race has even been named yet, and so slowly find out more about people like Yoda, especially when they have strong force-welding powers, is very interesting to fans.

Other Yoda Products

Whilst this page is dedicated to Baby Yoda gnomes and ornaments, some of you that found this page may also be fans of Yoda from the original and newer Star Wars movies. If so, we have a page dedicated to gnomes and garden ornaments dedicated to Master Yoda here!

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