What is Star Trek?

Star Trek is one of the most famous science fiction franchises in the history of TV and movies and is still going strong today with TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The fans of the franchise are thought of as being the most passionate as any other show and this means that there is a wide range of merchandise available to buy around it including our beloved garden gnomes!


We have found this excellent Spock-based gnome over at Etsy.

Spock is one of the most famous and popular characters in the franchise. Probably the second most famous after

Garden Ornaments

As well as gnomes, there are also a number of garden ornaments that you can buy which are based around this show. There are a wide range of items that you can find on Etsy here.

Who are These for?

As Star Trek is such as well-known franchise there are many people that will be familiar with the characters involved in these ornaments but they would be best suited to people who are dedicated fans of the show. However, people who are general sci-fi and movie fans would get a great deal of joy out of them. The show continues to have content made for it such as a recent animated comedy show which has gone down well and shows that the people behind the franchise are thinking about new ways to make content from the Star Trek universe which is good to see.

What Cost Should you be Looking to pay?

The cost that you should expect will depend on the quality of the product that you want and the amount of time that you want it to look good in your yard. By quality I mean things such as the level of detail on Spock’s face will look realistic for a longer amount of time in a product which has a higher price than a cheaper one.

Where can you buy These?

I have placed links to the garden products in the listings above but you can also just log on to places such as Amazon and Etsy yourself and searching with relevant wording. If you wish to buy them in person, places such as Walmart often stock garden gnomes however a benefit to searching online is that you are more likely to find an original Star Trek one that will stand out in your garden as they are quite rare. The mainstream brick and mortar stores will generally stock the products which are most likely to sell so do not venture into products based around a theme such as a TV show or movie.


This seems to be one of the best places to buy them on as they are not stocked on many sites. At the time of writing, they have three of them on there.


Surprisingly, I was unable to find any of these on Amazon which is rare as they seem to stock every type of gnome that you could wish to find! I will update this page with any that I come across in the future.


As the types of items are quite hard to find online one of the places that does seem to stock them is eBay. Here, you can get both new and used ones which opens up the range of them on offer. Here is a link to eBay so that you can find them on there easily.

Where Should you put These?

These are so quirky that I think that they would work in a variety of locations. One obvious place is your yard and gnomes are generally placed here and so would make a natural fit. People expect to see them in a garden but the unusual angle of them being based around a Star Trek theme will capture people’s attention and imagination.

As these also have an ornament look about them they will also look good inside your house such as in your kitchen or living room. People often keep pop-culture inspired items in their home and these will go alongside them especially if you already have Star Trek items or just sci-fi ones in general.

If you have a home office or games room they will look particularly good there too. This is a common place for various types of merchandise and these products will add an extreme dimension and may possibly be something that you do not already have there.

Why you Should Trust my Reviews of These Products

I have years of researching products such as garden gnomes and ornaments and know what makes for a good quality product listing. For example, the number of reviews a specific product has against similar ones on a shopping platform is a great way to compare as well as reading through the actual wording of the review themselves. The photos are another sign of the quality of the product that you will receive. For example, the Spock garden gnome mentioned on this page has some good quality photos which shows that the seller has obviously taken some time to work on and sell the product and is likely to do the same when shipping it to you.

For these kinds of reason you can rest assured that the products I place on this page will have undergone careful analysis and I have taken the time to summarise these Star Trek products so that you have them in one place and do not need to scour the internet looking for them.

Similar Garden Gnomes that you can buy

If you like these items then we have other pages that you are likely to enjoy equally as much! For example, being into Star Trek you may also enjoy the Star Wars movies and TV shows and we have a page dedicated to Star Wars garden gnomes. We also have another pop-culture inspired page which is this zombie yard ornaments one and this Game of Thrones page.






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