Garden gnomes have been around since the 1600s, but it was in Germany where these cute little garden figurines became popular. The story goes that local myths suggested an underground race called “gnomons” would come alive at night to work on your behalf and protect against evil sorcery or spells cast by others nearby. This idea resonated with people living outside Europe because they had similar tales told about their own sprites who worked hard during daylight hours for humans before going back into hiding once darkness fell again. Once interest was sparked among Europeans then over here things spread quickly- England got involved when one bunch exported some abroad only be met

Where did Christmas Gnomes Originate?

Christmas gnomes are a Scandinavian tradition that have been around since ancient times. They’re typically depicted wearing red caps and short, but they come in all sorts of shapes!

What does your little one want for Christmas this year? I bet he or she has an idea already – so why not help them make their wish come true with these adorable two inch figurines from Denmark called Nisser (or “gnomes”). The nisse gets its name because it originally came out as niisje (“small person”) back when shops were selling small wooden toys to appeal more towards children’s smaller hands rather than adults’ big appetites Some believe they may also be depictions on how people saw themselves during pre-Christian Scandinavia.

What Nationality are Gnomes From?

The gnomes are a race of small magical beings that live in the earth. They protect its riches and have been known to dwell anywhere from France, Germany or even Russia!

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