Christmas Gonks

Bring some of the Nordic air to your Xmas decor this year with fun Christmas Gonks. These little guys are inspired by Scandi elves, often having white beards and pointed hats during Christmas time. Whether you buy an large standing statue for your hallway or even just want something small like trees on stands – we’re sure these impish creatures will make everyone smile!

Who invented Christmas Gonks?

Robert Benson – Gonks are a fun and creative toy that has been around for over 50 years. They were invented in England back when it was called Great Britain, but now only reside there thanks to the popularity they gained from celebrities like Ringo Starr who endorsed them heavily!

What is the origin of Gonks?

The first mention of a Gonk was in Norway, and possibly even as early as the 13th century. He’s said to safeguard homes from evil or harm with his short temper but is also known for being mischievous!

Why are Gnomes Called Gonks?

The creature that looks so much like Santa was not originally a Christmas icon. Gonks are inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian mythology, but these short bearded folks would make their home at farms houses or barns!

What is a Christmas GONK?

These are small figures with long beards and knitted hats and many think of them as being the Nordic version of Santa Claus/Father Christmas. Many people say that they are inspired by garden gnomes, particularly those described in Scandinavian folklore and over time they have become more popular amongst the mainstream and this popularity is continuing to increase especially with people more easily able to buy them via the internet.

It is believed that they were first found in tales in the 1600s with many thinking that they originate from the 13th century. Many people associate them with Christmas gnomes even though they are different with their faces being entirely covered by their hat and beard. Their nose is the most distinctive part of their face and they are believed to be responsible for protecting their owner’s home during winter and Christmas.

What do Christmas Gonks have to do with Xmas?

They protect their owners’ homes during winter solstice and the Christmas festive season. Many people associate them, as they often do with gnomes, with Xmas mainly due to their appearance which is to have a beard, round belly and often wear red or green clothing so share many similarities. They originate from Scandanavian folklore and tales which also relates to Christmas in many ways.

Christmas Gonks will often be dressed in big coats and have a hat on, often red or green and have other Xmas related accessories such as sledges and big boots. Many people sell them as Christmas decorations such as tree decorations or items that can be placed around your home.

Are Gonks Good Luck?

Yes, many people associate them with good luck particularly during the winter and Christmas seasons.

What do Christmas Gonks represent?

You’ve heard of Santa Claus, but have you ever seen a gonk? Gonks are essentially festive Scandinavian gnomes. With just their nose and beard peaking out from under a hat like the ones Santa wears at Christmas time… these little guys are sure to bring some cheer into your home this season!

What are Gonks Called in Norway?

Gonks are called Nisse in Norway and Denmark. In Finland, they are called Tonttu and in Sweden they are called Tomte.






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